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Sad that the dated planners are going away! Love mine!

Best planner ever

I have ADHD, this is the first planner I’ve been able to stick with for 6 years now. It taps my brain for everything from groceries, finances, vacation packing, holiday planning and some house management. Daily self care not is missed either. This planner is well thought out, easy to use and has been a great tool that I recommend to everyone needing a paper planner.

2023 STARTplanner Casebound Daily (Dated)

Love the dated insterts

It really bullet points the most important daily tasks. Hate to see you not make them anymore. I use the A5 Fancy pants in my LV large agenda. Hope you come back!


I have the casebound daily as well as the spiral weekly, they are fabulous! Help to keep me organized, my third year with this brand. Have now gifted to friends. Please keep the casebound for ever!


SO glad the A5 inserts are back! My binder is holding up so well even after daily use over the past several years now! Happy to fill it again with what works great for me :)

Does not align with hole punches

I bought it for my A5 fancy pants planner, but i was disappointed when I placed it in my planner. The placement of the ring holes isn't placed right. So it doesn't stick out far on top. It sticks out from both top and bottom. I don't recommend getting it. It's only purpose is to sit flushed with the ring holes and been seen from the top to know where you placed it, and it failed to do that. I love the other STARTbrand products but not this

Great, But Too Big!

I used the START daily planner for many years. I love the system and it has really helped me. I had a job change where a weekly planner would make more since and I am so sad! The weekly planner is gigantic. If you are someone that takes your planner with you everywhere (like me), do NOT get the weekly planner. Between the weekly planner and my 15 inch laptop I have no room in my purse. Really tragic because I love the START system. Hopefully they can find a way to make a more compact version of the weekly planner.

I love them!

Definitely my go to for writing my groceries on since I can also see what I plan on making during the week. Thank you so much!!!

Awesome planner!

LOVE LOVE this planner! I love the time blocking. I love the spots for grocery lists. I love the vision board section in the front. The gratitude, sections for meals. Everything!

Love ,LoVe, LOVE

This planner has everything you need in one spot. If you are looking to get your vision, goals, finances, and life organized this is the planner for you. I have used other planners that I liked but they all were missing an element. This isn’t missing anything. I love this planner! I came back to it because it has all the elements that I am looking for.

START planner + brand

I've used several STARTplanners now - and have used both the weekly and daily. I am so happy with the improvements that the START brand continues to make (including energy and sleep checks) and just ways to be more intentional with my (our) time. Love this planner and looking forward to hitting some major goals this year!

My favorite one yet!

Fourth year with start planner and I absolutely love the color and so glad casebound is back. This planner is everything and I use it daily! Bravo StartBrands and thank you for making my daily life more organized!! 10/10

Works well

I really love this product because it allows for extra pages to be added easily like my children’s school schedule, so I don’t have papers falling out of my planner!

Planner is just too large...

There are so many great parts of this planner, but it's just too large to be carrying around in my purse. I wish there was a way to make a little larger in general size to reduce the width. Also, the front cover was damaged when I received...there are other planners out there that are less expensive that offer a lot of the same benefits of this planner. Unfortunately, I probably will not purchase again.

2023 STARTplanner Spiral Daily (Dated)

Ready made for planning

This planner gives all the pages needed for preparing for a successful 2023!

Thank you for the kind review!! Hope you have the most successful 2023!

2023 A5 Daily Inserts
Leko Morris-Myers
Love the Fancy Pants version

I love the adaptability of the FP version of the Start Planner and I was so excited that it returned for another year!
I love the other versions as well but the FP version allows me to keep up with everything in one place without having to paperclip things into my spiral, just looks more polished and professional to me!! Love it!!! Please keep this in the Start Planner lineup!!!!!!!

Thank you, Leko for the kind review!! We love the Fancy Pants too and are so happy you love them as well! Hope you have a productive and aligned 2023!!

2023 A5 Daily Inserts
Viki Battaglia
Love the Fancy Pants!

I was a devotee of the A5 planner system with the Start Planner and I was devastated when it was discontinued. So very, very happy that it was brought back! Tried so many planners when it went away and nothing had everything that my Fancy Pants had. I honestly felt lost without it. Sure, I had a calendar for meetings and dates, but nothing to help me with my goals, finances, and all the to-do's I had to do as a working mom and active volunteer. Please, never leave me again!

Thank you Viki for the review!! So happy you have your FP bestie back in your life!! It really is such a great tool to keep you organized. We appreciate you!

Bring it back

I love the fancy so much!! I was so sad when they discontinued it and as soon as I saw it was coming back, I set my calendar!! I’m so happy to have it back and hope they bring it back as a full time product! The magnetic clasp doesn’t hold as well after a certain number of paper or items in the binder but aside from that, she’s perfect!! I can’t wait to start using her soon!!

Absolutely EVERYTHING!!!

I've been using Sart for the last 5 years or so. The casebound weekly is everything! I keep business appointments, personal appointments, to dos for both, meals, priorities and the list goes on. No better system out there anywhere. Beautiful and functional.
Over the years I've been utilizing the Start planners I've paid off debt, kept up on business and personal obligations and achieved many personal and professional goals.
I also purchased and use the A5 daily fancy pants to keep my focus on each day based on the weekly (hello ADD/squirrel brain) agendas because for me the weekly view can be overwhelming when I need to focus on particular tasks.
Highly recommend, I've even purchased one for a client to try out for 2023

Hi Tamara, thank you so much for this kind review! Love that START was able to help you become the best version of yourself and even give you an ROI!! Hope you have a productive and aligned 2023!

Love this planner!

This planner is beautiful. I am a long time Start planner user and keep coming back every year!

Thank you for continuing to START with us!!

Love this planner!

This is the best planner I have every used and I have tried many. Even if I think about trying another brand I always come back to Start!

Thank you for continuing to START with us each year!

Best Planner EVER!

I've been using Start Planner since the second year it was offered. I started with the Daily, but have found the Weekly is better for my life now. I love having everything I need to keep myself organized. The only thing I wish was available would be a second cover option for the spiral bound. I'm more of a "simple" sort of person. This year's cover was only available in a pink art style.