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Just gets better each year!

I am a Start Brand Planner user 3/4years running now, they just keep getting better. My favorite thing this year is the grocery lists that I can tear out with the perforated paper. I use my planner daily and it is a game changer for any busy mom, or business owner like myself!

Hello old friend. Happy to see you!

I took time off from Start planner and I had to come back to it. Already feel back in the rhythm of knocking out my lists, goals, and home/finance.

Tiana Long
Love love LOVE!

I absolutely love this page! It’s EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for.

Favorite Planner

Best ever, love the Quarterly planners.

would be perfect if casebound

I had to replace my mid-year weekly casebound sadly and of course there is no bad START planner they are all perfect. I just wish I could have kept my favorite model. But I chose the daily art cover spiral bound and I am so happy. I tell everyone i know about the STARTplanner system and I just really love the paper, the craftmanship, the boxes they come in and the fact that I truly feel like Jenny and Kristy are someone that would hold a conversation with me if I were to meet them in person. It truly is amazing to feel like i am a part of a planner community.

Amazing but would be even better if you could fill in your answers!

If there’s anyway you could make these PDFs fillable so I could type it out and print it that would be huge!

Nicolle Stevens


Start planner Weekly

I love all your items so much but I'm definitely upset i ordered the wrong layout, i ordered the weekly instead of the daily. I'm a repeat customer and i tried the happy planner but I'm not going to ever spend that type of money unless it's on your items v your items have pulled me out of a dark dreary time in my life all because i could plan out my day strategically. Thank you

Great for staying on track!

Great planner for keeping life's task in order! Planner features just about every task you could need for keeping your priorities in check. Will purchase again. This was my 3rd planner. Keep the options coming!

Party Planner
Takes so Much Stress out of Party Planning

I have used this tool for several years (barring COVID) to plan my daughter’s birthday parties. It’s a great place to keep all the important information, and it reminds you to double check plans to avoid any snafus with things like the venue and caterer. I keep it tucked in the back pocket of my weekly planner so I can add things to the list as I think of them or can work on it whenever I have a free moment. It also helps to budget and keep track of spending, which is great with the prices of everything being so high currently. The only draw back is that if you are inviting more than 25 people or need more than a few services, you will need more than one copy or to add any other information on the back/a separate sheet of paper.

Fuel Notepad (Groceries)
Donna Brounkowski
Best Shopping List Hands-down

I typically have to stop at 2-3 grocery stories to get the things my hubby and I need for the week. The 3 column
format allows me to list items by store making shopping a so much simpler process.

Best Planner I've Ever Used...And I've Used A LOT

I hunted for literal years looking for a planner I liked. This planner is everything I want! It is very well built and lasts all year without falling apart. This is my third or fourth year using STARTplanner. I will never go back!


Perfect little notebook. Love the colors and size. I use a few of these for different meetings, groups, etc. and the variety of colors and designs make it easy to keep track of what notebook is for what group! Hopefully these stick around for years to come. Simple, but on my list of favs!

Perfect for my Fancy Pants

Love my Fancy Pants and I take it with me every day. So glad I am able to get the extra notes pages to use in it yet. The binder itself is in great shape and should last a long time yet. Fingers crossed the extra notes pages and other items will still be available for a few years to come!

Grid Dot Bestie
Karen Nelson
Perfect size

Love size and narrow ‘lines’ - fits in planner - track to do list, snail mail, call action items, ... possibilities endless.

Keeps me on track

Keeps me organized and on track. Love that I have a place for all of my important documents. Easy to set up the way that works best for me.

Grey planner

I accidentally ordered the daily when I was wanting the weekly planner. This is a great planner if you like daily, but I will not be using it.

My favorite Pencils!!

These pencils are amazing. They write so smooth. Unlike other pencils they stay sharp longer and the tips don’t chip or break away easily.

Business Partner

I love to be able to plan and track spending in the business partner. They work well.

Convenient Product missing the full planner flair

I lovvveeee the start planners I always get the full dated year this time I did the four quarterly ones only issues is it is a bit small for my liking n it doesn’t have the same daily layout that I remember from the full size yearly one. But it has all the main organization content that has made a real impact on my execution. BEST PLANNER COMPANY EVERRR!

2022 STARTplanner Annual Dated Daily Midnight


This is my 2nd year using the START planner and I don’t intend to use any other in the future! The system thinks of pretty much everything so you are set up for success from day 1

Best Planner

I’m so happy I came back to this planner. It has everything I need in one place… financial planning, goal tracking, grocery list space and more! The weekly edition worked better for me since I found myself not needing the daily one as much in the past. This lets me easily plan out and view my week and check of things I need to do.

The STARTplanner Quarterly Undated - Smokey Teal

You Should Know… (Notepad)
Christiana Samson
So cute!

This notepad is the size of post it notes. They’re super cute and I plan on using them to write reminders to myself and family members. They don’t have adhesives on the back and are better used with magnets on the fridge or in a package. I have a cute magnet board that I’ll probably be putting a lot of these on!