the heart behind START


MISSION BEHIND STARTBRANDS is a collection of brands helping you to START. Bringing you tools, systems, resources, and community that help to bring on more alignment and productivity to your world. Proven systems and practices that have been featured in major publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur,, among others. Consists of STARTplanner (organization planner system and tools), Start Knowing My Numbers (Financial and Business System Training), Start Courses(productivity and systems training), and Start with Kristy (co-founder, speaker, and business coach.) We believe that God/Universe uses our weaknesses to shine a light on areas that could be better. We are grateful for all the "hard", the ability, and resources to compile these solutions to help others. That is why we are here, and that is what it is all about.

Start Planner

STARTplanner is a proven system to outline your vision, set concrete goals and take action steps monthly, weekly and daily by allocating time in your schedule and tasks in your to-do lists that align with your goals. Our planner doesn't just focus on time, but encompasses goals, finances, healthy lifestyles, home life organization, and of course, schedule and time management. STARTplanner focuses on the problem many people face - more holistic planning. 

No other planner like it on the market, combining all aspects of your life for convenience and simplicity.

Start Knowing My Numbers

Knowing your numbers is essential for financial growth, freedom and being able to do and give more. That is why we have developed this 3 module video course. An Organizational System and Financial Training to Help You Know Your Numbers! Run Your Home Finances Like a Business!

Start courses

Start Courses are designed to help you increase your productivity and organization. We know that you want to maximize your time in a stress-free way, which is why we have developed these courses featuring tips, hacks, systems, and workflows that can help you organize life!

Start With Kristy

Kristy is one of the founders of Start Brands. Her expertise lies in systems to reduce inefficiency, financial planning aligning with visions, and sharing her journey to help others on their own.


We are just like you! Daily up and at it and pushing change, productivity, and alignment in our own lives. here to help you START or even reSTART! Little information about each team member is below to get to know our team a little better!

Kristy Gayton - CEO

Kristy is the co-founder and CEO. Doesn't shy away from a stage or a challenge. And believes she is here to help others overcome! She feels fully alive when teaching, playing with numbers in excel, getting lost in creative design, and getting stuff done!

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Jenny Grumbling - CMO

Jenny is the co-founder of STARTplanner and CMO. She loves design and creation. She is a designer and marketing strategist whose heart lies in organizing and elevating others.

Deanna Lowery - Operations Manager

Deanna is the operations and customer service manager here at STARTbrands. She loves attention to detail and making sure others are always good and 110% happy! With a focus on systems, her goal is to ensure an easy operational workflow that ends with a happy customer!

Taylor Maher - Marketing Cordinator

Taylor is the glue that takes an idea and a vision and helps connect all the dots to ensure marketing efforts are not just an idea but executed for it to be a positive experience on all parts. From public relations, social media, brand ambassadors, internal marketing, consumer rewards program among efforts Taylor is our girl.