The STARTplanner

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Ready to change your life?

It is typically not us that needs changing, but it is our routines and habits that govern our daily life. STARTplanner was founded in 2015 by Kristy Gayton and Jenny Grumbling after seeing a need for an all-inclusive system that dealt with every aspect of life. It quickly became one of the most sought after brands for organizational tools and planners! Thousands have adopted the system due to the layout, content and the leadership team.

The STARTplanner® System

No other planner like it on the market, combining all aspects of your life for convenience and simplicity. Encompassing goals, finances, healthy lifestyles, home life organization, and of course, schedule and time management so you intentionally step! We have one Dated planner line a year (Jan-Dec) and a Quarterly Undated that you can START with us anytime.

All our planners have the STARTplanner System which is all-encompassing with monthly overviews and start system content but we have three planning formats that are a personal preference. Above you will find samples of those pages for you to try! Yes, we are that confident in our system. Print out a page, rock it out, and then get started with our entire system! These pages are bound in different formats some are spiral, others are casebound and others are A5. All other personal preferences. You will see a chart below comparing the differences.

Click the planner you would like to try to download a free sample page!

THe STARTplanner® System

Helping you to get organzied

In addition to having the most comprehensive planner system on the market, we have created tools that help us to get organized in other areas well. We also have created some planner accessories that help you utilize your planner system through function and style.