START method and other STARTBrands 

STARTbrands is a comprehensive line of products, resources, and community inspiring you to live your best life! START brands was founded in May of 2015 by Kristy Dickerson and Jenny Grumbling. 

We believe that STARTing daily is the only way that you will continue moving forward on your goals. We believe that today, right now at this moment is when you should START making forward motion!  You are the ONLY one that can create change in your life. 

Our company is only a little over three years old and in that time we have been featured in Forbes, Entreprenuer,, among others and we really feel like it goes back to simply taking baby steps daily that add up in a big way! 

STARTmethod with STARTplanner is a daily organizational method and mindset that helps you to focus to make progress! We focus on the daily goals needed to be accomplished which in turn can result into accomplishing a dream or something you have aspired to do, or just to help keep your day to day life on track.
Daily practice of positivity, focusing, creating lists and prioritizing is essential to success and we are here to help you! 

STARTplanner - Planners, notebooks, and tools to enable you to make your dreams become a reality! Being organized is the cornerstone to setting yourself up to succeed. The planners help you to define your goals in all areas of your life and guide you with actionable steps that carry over to monthly and daily planning to keep you on track and focused. This allows you to focus on many areas of your life, including: Family/Home, Work/School, Adventure/Fun, Finances, Business, Relationship, Spiritual, Health/Fitness and more! We believe all of these areas must work together in order to achieve balance and success. Our methods, layout and messaging have left individuals more balanced and their daily action steps more focused and intentional. 

Start Balancing - Kristy Dickerson. "Helping others find happiness is where my heart is! I truly believe all the trials, failures, and successes I have experienced, both personally and professionally, have led me to write Start Balancing. Change takes hard work and happiness is something you have to work on a daily basis. Life is no easy feat, but my dreams and your dreams are worth fighting for! See more about Start Balancing HERE.

STARTdetoxing - In 2017 Kristy Dickerson was sick. Her productivity suffered as a result.  She made a radical decision and had her breast implants removed because she wondered if her immune system was fighting. She then started detoxing to clean up my system with natural supplements to optimize her bodies function. Partnering with a doctor, a pharmacist and a state of the art manufacturing company, I knew that this was a simplified system that everyone should have access to formulating our own line of supplements. We created STARTdetoxing to help you live a happier, healthier life by formulating systems to support your body's natural detox function! Learn more HERE

Start Loving You - Start Loving You is an organization (founded by Kelsy McHenry, Jenny, and Kristy) that plans and executes boutique conferences for women. Start Loving You is designed to create an unforgettable weekend that gives women and their friends the opportunity to travel, meet and connect with other like-minded women and to be celebrated, inspired and motivated. Past presenters include comedy duo #IMOMSOHARD, Internet sensation Kristina Kuzmic, Author Samantha Ettus and many more. Our speakers - who are trailblazers in their industry and include bloggers, authors, entrepreneurs and more - are handpicked to share their stories, struggles and successes with our guests so they leave inspired, with more knowledge and recharged! See more about Start Loving You HERE

STARTbusiness Workshop - A half day experience with the duo Kristy and Jenny at Start Loving You Conference. Details HERE