005 | Feeling Your Best To Accomplish Your Dreams with Dr. Kayte



Do you have struggles with your health? Does your health prevent you from fully focusing on your dreams? In this episode, we dive into 5 ways you can improve your health and START being the happiest, healthiest version of you so that you are able to pursue your dreams.

Dr. Kayte Susse D.C., a functional and preventative health expert, talks with Kristy about her own personal struggles with illness. A connection with mind, body, and spirit as pertains to healing and energy is her suggested approach.  Mind, body, and spirit are all equally important pillars of well being and when you don’t feel your best, it doesn’t just affect your mood, it ripples out to your family, work, and all areas of your life. Don’t miss this episode to learn how to start celebrating life and align your physical, emotional, and mental health to make space for what you were meant to do!






Dr Kayte Susse is a chiropractic internist specializing in functional and preventative medicine. Her passion for beauty and bio optimization came after years of struggling with breast implant illness and mercury poisoning. Today she is a strong advocate for medical device safety and informed consent and host of Mind Body Spirit with Dr. Kayte on Evertalk TV.
Learn more about Dr. Kayte on instagram @drkayte and at www.drkayte.com