2023 Vision Board Inspiration

Vision boards help to clarify direction and allow you to step back and visualize. We created this free worksheet that will allow you to reflect back on 2022 and set more intentional goals and visions for 2023. 

There is so much research and truth to creating a physical vision board that you can touch to represent where you are going to be! On days when things are a little harder or unclear that board is a constant reminder of your why. And it's that consistency that will align you a step closer to your visions! 

We wanted to share some 2023 vision boards from our community to inspire you! 

There is no wrong or right way. Print it. Graphic or image heavy. Just words. Paragraphs or bullet points. Doodling or drawing. Anything that speaks to you. 

Kristy, our co-founder, and CEO, here is her's and a short little why. 

"I can't draw but I love visual representations that speak to me. I picked two words this year which as you can see are simplicity and love. I set personal goals for myself, other areas I want to knock out, and professional goals. It is easy for me to desire and always be creating and building. This is a reminder for me that simplicity is what my heart desires for this year. Vision boards and goals look different for us all. You can see I used our sticky note in the top corner of our Take Note. This will be used for evolving dreams and goals. I typed most of this and took about 2 weeks making lists and revisiting before I glued it down!" 

Here are some from the community and you can always JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP HERE for more inspiration and community support! 










Cassie W. Vision Board


These are all so awesome and just a collection of some of them! Thank you to everyone in our community for sharing and inspiring us!

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