BIG CHANGES AT START - 2023 Direction

In 2015 Jenny and I started selling dated planners from across the country. It was a passion so deep I could not, not do it. Me from the garage floor and her from her kitchen table. 8 years of growth. Of scaling. Of making changes. Of making mistakes. Of navigating COVID and huge economic shifts. Of learning to scale up and even scale down. Of me owning others companies. Of skipping payroll when needed.

START grew and scaled quickly and had 7 figures in sales within the first calendar year, but money is not my driver. I am driven by purpose and helping others succeed.

My gift is understanding money and the ability to integrate systems to make businesses work. I fell in love with STARTplanner because I knew this tool would change lives-people's finances, goals and give them a system to use. What kept me going was hearing the success stories that people were having with the planner.

Many factors played into our continued success, the right market timing, the right combination of skills/people/community, along with a lot of passion and energy.

As you know, STARTplanner grew into an array of planners, both dated and undated. 

STARTplanner enabled me to buy my first home on my own as a single mom. Then again, up at the lake. 

In 2016 it enabled Jenny to buy a reliable car and a new sense of freedom. 

It enabled me to dip my feet in commercial real estate when we bought our first warehouse. 

But, somewhere along the way, I lost my voice. For awhile, I lost the focus and drive I needed to be the best CEO for START. Behind the scenes life was happening, and we all know how messy life can be – moving, renovations, Silas’s brain surgery, transitions, other companies, kids, and so much more. I had no energy. I had no voice. I made business decisions but had no energy to see them through at the highest level. Behind the scenes, I was struggling to find my sense of purpose again. But, because I felt lost, I couldn’t really make decisions there either.  I lost my voice and even looking back, I lost portions of myself. Through it all, I learned ALL the hard lessons, which gave me the experience I needed to push and grow even more.

After 8 years, I am so clear on the shifts I need to make to continue feeling the passion around my purpose. 

It is with a sense of sadness, but overpowering clarity that I am announcing today we will no longer offer DATED planners. Moving forward, we will continue with UNDATED planners only.  What is left of 2023 DATED are now 65% off as we clear out space for the new (no code needed). This email list will remain dedicated to STARTbrands. SHOP 65% OFF DATED PLANNERS HERE! 
Although I lost my voice, I have a renewed passion and intention moving forward. I have found my voice again.
I will be focusing on using my gift to teach other business owners finances, systems and navigating business ownership. If you are not on Newsletter list, this will be focused on entrepreneurship (or aspiring business owners!) If you would like to see what is coming, join this list. JOIN THE LIST HERE! 

If you are not on my Kristy Gayton Newsletter list (formerly Kristy Dickerson newsletter) I will be sharing more of my personal journey with inspiration and energy each month to inspire and connect with you. 

Thank you for your support through these past 8 years and I hope to continue seeing you as we move forward. JOIN MY EMAIL LIST HERE! 

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