EP011 | Influence Your Mind with Productivity

Stop being complacent and START setting your positivity on fire! Join us today, as Kristy interviews Shanda Sumpter, founder of HeartCore Business! Shanda has built an empire and has generated almost 8 figures in revenue! A powerful conversation about how to lead your mind with positivity, lean into your purpose, and start showing up and focus on driving your mission. They dive in and discuss the economy and decision making tactics that anyone can apply! You won't want to miss todays episode to discover 3 tips on how to positively push your life forward as we all continue STARTing!


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Shanda Sumpter is a dynamic speaker, trainer, and renowned business coach. She's a wife and mom with plenty of time for family, self-development, and rest.

Yet, there was a time when she had only $500 to her name. It was either time to find the right mentor or move back home to her parents in Canada. So, she hired the right mentor and got to work.

Today, she is the Queen Visionary of HeartCore Business-- giving entrepreneurs the systems they need to transform their financial lives. and the world. All through the same step by step systems she is using daily to grow to nearly 8 figures in revenue.