EP023 | Triaging Your Busy Life with Dr. Darria


Discover how to take your life from “CRAZY” to managed with ER Doctor, Darria Long as she shares lessons from the emergency room that can be applied to our day-to-day life. Dr. Darria talks with Kristy about how to handle stress, build tiny habits and create systems in your life that will help you to prioritize the stresses in your life and feel more in-control. Dr. Darria is a Yale and Harvard trained emergency physician, and author of national best selling book “Mom Hacks” as well as a TV expert on CNN, The Dr. Oz Show, Fox News and more. You will not want to miss this episode if you are ready to take back control when life starts to get "crazy busy."


Dr. Darria Long is the nation's GO-to doctor for distilling the best information to make our lives healthier, better…and easier. She is a Harvard and Yale-trained Emergency physician, international TV contributor and regular on CNN, Headline News, The Dr. Oz Show, NBC, and other outlets, national bestselling author of Mom Hacks and TedX speaker of the now widely popular “An ER doctor on triaging your crazy busy life” - and mom of 2. Dr. Darria is Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee, and received her training in emergency medicine at Yale School of Medicine and her MBA from Harvard Business School. Combining her life’s work as an Emergency Room Physician, patient with autoimmune arthritis, and mother, Dr. Darria distills complex information for her audiences to give people holistic, evidence-based, and entirely do-able-in-their-busy-lives solutions for their health and wellness. Dr. Darria is also a regular speaker, coach, and consultant, helping everyone maintain productivity - and sanity.

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