EP036 | The Power of Writing it Down with Allison Fallon

Should I write things down? Should I just go digital? What if I am not a writer? How can writing help me grow and learn? Can writing help reduce anxiety and stress? In this episode, Kristy interviews Allison Fallon on how writing can help you to grow, reduce anxiety, and be more productive. Ally is the author of The Power of Writing It Down. She breaks down the simplicity of how and why writing helps our subconscious mind and how writing can lead to real change that sticks through science. She also gives prompts and tips if you are not a writer on how to get started. This is an episode and a conversation you will not want to miss. 

Allison Fallon is the author of The Power of Writing It Down, as well as of Packing Light and Indestructible. She is a speaker and the founder of Find Your Voice, a community that supports anyone who wants to write anything. She has helped leaders of multi-national corporations, stay-at-home moms, Olympic gold medalists, recovering addicts, political figures, CEOs and prison inmates use the Find Your Voice method as a powerful tool to generate positive change in their lives. She has lived all over the country in the past decade but now lives in Pasadena, California, with her husband and daughter. You can follow Allison at allisonfallon.com. 
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