EP042 | Get Motivated with Bryan Falchuk

"Is there a thing that you are latching onto that is destructible but comfortable? Do you wish you could change something, but you are struggling?" In this episode, Kristy and Bryan talk about how pain and struggle have to go deep to the core to create lasting change. Coming from a place of empathy, Bryan shares how a wake-up call lead to a change in how he was living. He was driven by anxiety and realized his bad habits had to be addressed to bring more balance. Bryan Falchuk is an author, speaker, coach, and Certified Behavior Change Specialist. Bryan shares his "Do a Day Method" and practical tips you can apply to your life now.

Bryan Falchuk is an author, speaker, and coach helping people change their lives. Bryan has also been a successful C-level executive. As a Certified Behavior Change Specialist, Bryan is a 3X best-selling author, including his books, Do a Day and The 50 75 100 Solution: Build Better Relationships. He speaks regularly on the subjects of motivation, culture, relationships, and overcoming challenges, including delivering three TEDx Talks. He has shared his message on over 200 podcasts and radio shows and has written for many top publications like Inc Magazine, the LA Times, and Chicago Tribune. You can find Bryan on Instagram and Facebook.