EP049 | Healthy Recipes & Tips with Elizabeth Rider

Ready to eat cleaner and feel your best?! Join Kristy and  Elizabeth Rider as they chat about the importance of healthy eating! Elizabeth runs a nationally acclaimed cooking blog and platform where she shares thousands of healthy recipes that do not sacrifice flavor. She shares tips on how to get more whole, nutritious foods on your plates and how to try new things in your home.  

As a new staff member at a Big 4 accounting firm, I found myself at fancy dinners and eating takeout in audit rooms just about every night, relying on little sleep and barely keeping a social life alive. My career was flying high but I felt like complete crap. At 25 I felt 50 years older than I was with no end in sight, so I decided to do something about it. I committed myself to healthy eating and home-cooked food. Not surprisingly, I felt dramatically better within just a few weeks. Having grown up with a mom who made everything from scratch, I just kind of knew how to cook. Friends and family started asking for recipes, so I started a free blog. Fast-forward through a job offer to freelance as a business manager, a late-night discovery of an online health coaching program, and meeting friends who introduced me to online business, I did something that I didn’t even know was possible—I turned my blog into an internationally known brand and never looked back. I teach women how to create vibrant health without deprivation and profitable online businesses they love. Seeing other women succeed lights me up, and it’s my life’s mission to help you make it happen. You can find Elizabeth at Elizabeth Rider and on Instagram and Facebook.