EP052 | Retirement & Financial Tips with Roger Whitney

If you are wanting to learn more about retirement or financial planning, you will not want to miss this financial duo! Join Kristy as she interviews Roger Whitney, a.k.a. the Retirement Answer Man for an exciting conversation about numbers (yes, that's a thing). Roger is a Certified Financial Planner with more than 25 years of experience and additional credentials such as CIMA, CPWA, among others.  Roger and Kristy chat about financial planning tips and information to apply to your life now! They also talk about how retirement has changed, and what we should be doing to plan - you might be surprised where this conversation leads. 

Anyone who thinks retirement planning is boring, clearly hasn’t had a conversation with the Retirement Answer Man (and his not-so-alter-ego, Roger Whitney). His fun, fresh perspective on money and life turns financial planning from something people need to do to something they can’t wait to do. In his book, Rock Retirement, Roger proves there is no “magic number” or accurate retirement calculator. There is just you and your financial planner, having the right conversations, finding confident answers to meaningful questions, and setting your priorities according to how you want to live—and keep living--your life long after you stop working.