EP053 | Navigate a Down Market with David Nicholas

Tune in today as Kristy interviews David Nicholas of Nicholas Wealth Management. He shares actionable steps you can take now when navigating a down economy or a volatile market. Learn how much you should save for retirement and rainy day accounts, plus advice on relative investing and dollar-cost averaging when the number one question is, "Should I invest in X now?". David is seen regularly on CNBC, CNN, and Fox News and Friends. 

David Nicholas is the president and founder of Nicholas Wealth Management, a full-service investment and financial planning firm in Atlanta, Georgia. David’s opinions and commentaries have been featured frequently on Fox Business with Charles Payne, CNBC, CNN and Fox News' Fox and Friends. Atlanta Magazine named David Nicholas to the 2020 & 2021's 500 Most Powerful Leaders in Atlanta.  You can find David at Nicholas Wealth and on Instagram and Facebook.