EP057 | Think Like A Girl with Tracy Alloway

Think Like a Girl… how does a girl think? Are they more emotional or not as good at taking risks? Join Kristy as she chats with Tracy Packiam Alloway, Ph.D. She breaks down myths, shares facts, and gives practical advice that can be applied now! This listen is not just for the ladies either! 

Tracy Packiam Alloway, PhD, is an award-winning psychologist, professor, author, and TEDx speaker. She has published 15 books and over 100 scientific articles on the brain and memory. She has also provided consultancy to the World Bank on reading in developing countries and is a sought-after speaker internationally.  Her research has also been featured on BBC, Good Morning America, the Today Show, Forbes, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, Newsweek, and many others. She was also featured as an expert in the documentary The Observed Life. You can find Tracy here and on Instagram and Facebook.