EP061 | Brillant Balance with Cherylanne Skolnicki

Balance, do you have it? Do you want it? Cherylanne, the author of Brilliant Balance, shares practical tips and her playbook on how not to give in to the chaos. She leads others to have a fulfilling career, a thriving family life, and a strong sense of self! Kristy, the podcast host and author of Start Balancing, also has a heart for this topic. She candidly shares how her thoughts on balance currently look different from her book that she wrote in 2017. If you are feeling busy and that balance is fleeting, don't miss this honest conversation with busy moms.

Like most children of the 80s and 90s, Cherylanne grew up believing she could have it all. She started her first business while still in high school, and dreamed of one day becoming a CEO. After graduating from Cornell, she went to work for Procter & Gamble where she spent the next 15 years climbing the corporate ladder and managing a portfolio of well-known consumer product brands (one had more than $1 billion in global sales). Despite her demanding work schedule, she still traveled, ran marathons, and volunteered like a boss. And then she had 3 children. All of a sudden, the unrelenting pace she was running at felt unsustainable. That’s when she knew she had to reorder her life so all the pieces would truly fit - including not just a thriving career and family life, but also a good night's sleep and some time to herself! It wasn't easy at first, but she finally discovered a set of practices that truly worked. That prompted her to found Brilliant Balance, and her playbook has helped thousands of professional women reclaim rock star status over the last decade. Cherylanne is a sought-after speaker and hosts the top-rated Brilliant Balance podcast. Her work has been featured in Thrive Global, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Women’s Day, and Cincy Chic. She appears on TV news shows as an expert on work-life balance, productivity, and purpose. Cherylanne graduated from Cornell University in 1995. She holds an MBA from the Goizueta School of Management at Emory University. She is a member of the Female Founders Collective, one of Cincinnati’s 100 Wise Women, a Forty Under 40 Honoree, a happy wife, and a proud mom of three. You can find Cherylanne on Instagram and Facebook