EP073 | Your Peak Performance with Julia Arndt

Julia Ardnt is a peak performance coach helping others to operate at their highest potential. Finding herself experiencing burnout, Julia left her job with Google which then led her to her calling. Kristy and Julia openly talk about stress, mental health, and the impact of expectation. They both share a passion for helping others to create boundaries and routines that work for their life. This is a conversation that everyone needs to hear! 

Julia originally hails from Germany, has lived in 5 countries over the last 14 years and speaks three languages fluently. After working at Google in Silicon Valley for seven and a half years while the company grew from 30K to 100K employees, Julia has been running her own consulting and coaching business, helping over 5K employees at innovative companies more understand the effects of stress on the body and the mind, move beyond burnout and build a mindful lifestyle that delivers focus, high energy and productivity. You can find Julia here and on Facebook and Instagram.