EP077 | It's Never Too Late with Leslie Kuster

Starting over at the age of 55, Leslie Kuster helps coach women entrepreneurs on how to make money and do so without guilt. Kristy and Leslie chat about choosing a new extraordinary life, business and the shaming that women can get as business owners. Leslie is on a mission to change the narrative to help women take control of their own power and money. To all the ladies, this is a chat that will help you stand in your own truth, strength and confidence as you craft a life on your own terms.

Leslie Kuster is the money and freedom guide for women over 50 who also want to fall in love with life again. Leslie's message is that "It's never too late" to create success, financial wealth, and a life of freedom. At the age of fifty-five, Leslie took her clothing brand, Back from Bali, from $50,000 a year in annual revenue to multiple seven figures in annual revenue. At a point in life when so many women begin to give up on their goals and dreams, Leslie says, "You're just getting started"----if you choose and want it. She ignites the passion in the women she reaches through her 1:1 mentoring, online courses and social platforms, showing women HOW to choose a new and extraordinary path. Leslie’s new book, Money and Freedom: 7 Keys to 7 Figures for Women Entrepreneurs will be released in 2022. It provides women entrepreneurs seven master keys to unlock a successful, money-making business. Women business owners, who have been struggling to build the business and life of their dreams are given the insights, principles, tools, and steps to claim the freedom and create the wealth they yearn for. You can find Leslie on Instagram.