Organize Your Kitchen to Save Time, Money and Be Healthier!


This week, we dive into the different areas of your kitchen and how they can be organized for better efficiency and for you and your entire family to be healthier! Kristy shares some of her favorite kitchen hacks, organization of spaces as well as meal prepping and list building for shopping!  If you are wanting to simplify, save money and get healthier, this is an episode you will want to START with!

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Here are some of Kristys favorite organizing products:

Fuel Notepad for planning groceries and meals: (shown above) HERE

Control Center on fridge so kids know whats for dinner (shown above) HERE

Glass meal prep containers. Great for all the things meal prepping! (shown below) HERE

Clear glass bottles perfect for protein shakes or green smoothies! (shown below) HERE

Small glass jars. Great for hummus and vegetables or yogurt and granola. (shown below) HERE

Drawer organizer - perfect for silverware HERE