Decluttering Your Digital Life

Sometimes a blog post is inspired by something we are doing here, and this is one of them. As our business grows and our team grows, we are feeling the need for some organization in-house. There is no better way to recognize a need than to sit down and teach someone how things are done. So often we “just know” things and when we have to explain them to someone else, we realize that there are opportunities to simplify, organize, and streamline. Here are a few tips for organizing your digital life that we have learned from and want to share with you!

Time. TIME. Time. The process of getting from Point A to Point B in your eLife, is going to take some time. We know you love time-blocking so allow yourself some nice big chunks of time to work. You might even try to assign yourself start-to-finish tasks within your schedule. For example, if you know you have Monday from 2-3 pm, assign yourself tasks that can be finished during that time. So on Monday from 2-3, I am going to organize my 2016 photos. This is important stuff and the time you give yourself now will save you later.

Plan it out. I know…of course we would say this, right? Create a roadmap for how you will accomplish your digital declutter. Think about what will work best for you when organizing files. Does it make sense to organize by date? By subject? Start high-level and break it down. Draw it out!

Stick to the plan. Whether it is a naming scheme for photos, a folder structure for email, or a cleaned-up desktop, be absolutely vigilant when it comes to maintaining what you’re working towards. Create a “cheat sheet” for things like naming structures and keep your roadmap visible so you can access it easily and remind yourself of what you are working toward. 

A good digital declutter is worth every minute of effort. We think you’ll find the things you do in your electronic life will take less time and less frustration. Let’s hear it for the highly efficient HUSTLE!

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