12 Days of Organization

You've heard of the 12 Days of Christmas, but we wanted to mix it by sharing 12 Days of Organizing!! Here's the fun part though... when you share every day and tag us it will enter you in a GIVEAWAY of a $1000 credit towards STARTbrands!! That means you can use it on anything on our website! From courses to planners to accessories you name it!! Not only do you get $1000 in store credit, but you'll be prioritizing yourself and your goals so that when 2023 arrives you'll be on your A game! Here are 12 Days below and what you need to do to play the game and enter to win! This starts Monday 12/12/22!


Day One 12/12/22: Share a planner page! This is as simple as taking a photo of your day planned out and sharing it with the community/social media and tagging us! This is a great way to also see how others might plan their day and give you some more ideas on how to be productive and efficient with your time blocking!


Day Two 12/13/22: Share your favorite pen! This can be any pen that you absolutely love. Just snap a photo and share! It can be a simple black ink pen or one of Tombow's colorful pens. We just want to see what you like best when it comes to marking in your planner! 

Day Three 12/14/22: Share your Daily Gratitude! This is one of the first things you should fill out in your planner first. It can be so cheesy and simple, but it is a great reminder of what all your grateful for and a refreshing way to start your day. Again just take a photo tag us and share! 

Day Four 12/15/22: Share your holiday planning! This can be in the holiday section of your planner or our FREE download of the holiday planner that you can access HERE! Holidays are busy and can be stressful, but by being intentional and setting a budget it doesn't have to be. This can also help you line out any fun festivities you want to plan with your friends and family! Just snap a photo, tag us, and share! 

Day Five 12/16/22: Share your favorite accessory! We have a wide variety of planner accessories that many people love including ourselves, but you can also share accessories from other places too! If you need any stocking stuffer ideas or just want to grab some accessories for your 2023 planner before the new year browse them HERE. Maybe you'll see how others use theirs and feel inspired! 

Day Six 12/17/22: Share your planner cover! Due to high demand, we brought back a couple of binding options from the past, but because we had to do that, we were limited in cover options. We are a small business and would love to be able to provide as many options for you as possible, but that's where you come in and help! The more shares and 2023 planners sold the better chance for more cover options in the future! So share your planner cover and tag us!

Day Seven 12/18/22: Share your 2023 Resolution! This is an excellent way to set some resolutions for 2023 and see what others have planned to accomplish as well! We are here to be your accountability partner so snap a photo, tag us, and share!

Day Eight 12/19/22: Share your weekly grocery list! If you didn't already know your planner has weekly tear-out grocery lists for every month! These are fantastic to plan out the week/meal plan and go into the grocery store with a budget in mind. This might also give you some ideas as to what's on other people's lists and steal some recipes hehe. 

Day Nine 12/20/22: Share your top 3 priorities. These are the first three lines on your to-do list in your planner. Prioritize your 3 most important tasks first or ones you know will require more focus and energy so you can accomplish more throughout your day! 

Day Ten 12/21/22: Share your favorite part of your planner and why! This one is a little more fun and we're just curious to see what you love most about your STARTplanner! 

Day Eleven 12/22/22: Share your planner doodles! Now we know that not everyone draws in their planner and designs each month, but we do know that everyone doodles. Even if it is as simple as a smiley face or mixing up colors! Feel inspired, have some fun, and share away!!  


Day Twelve 12/23/22: Share a goal. Sharing goals will allow you to hold yourself and others accountable. We are big believers in community and helping others and sometimes all we need to achieve those goals is by having someone cheer us on! So you totally got this! Let's START 2023 on the right foot! 

To be eligible to win the $1000 store credit GIVEAWAY you must share every 12 days, tag us, and continue to START. New goals can seem hard and sticking to them can seem even harder, but we are here to help you become the best version of yourself. So mark your calendars and join us in the 12 Days of Organizing! You won't regret it! 

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