STARTplanner Adds Two Revolutionary Planners to its Lineup

STARTplanner has taken the planner community by storm since its launch in May 2015, and the company has big goals for the future. STARTplanner initially offered a spiral bound planner – the “Hustle” planner. Feedback from the company’s closely knit community of users revealed a need to move this basic planner format to a binder design – the “Fancy Pants” planner. The construction allows users to customize their planning experiences. Custom inserts and accessories are available for a variety of professions, including photographers, teachers and direct sales consultants.

“Our main goal is to impact as many lives as possible, helping users to dream, work and build the lives they were meant to live,” says Kristy Dickerson, co-owner of Start Planner.

The team at Start Planner recognized a significant need for a tool that would aid beginner planners and students, determining that this demographic could benefit from a simpler version of the Hustle planner. Designed to teach the basics of budgeting, planning and time management, the “Legit” planner was born. The Legit planner is a weekly planner that can help keep users laser focused and organized.

“Kristy and I are both parents and wanted to create an inspiring, aesthetically appealing weekly planner to teach individuals how to set themselves up for success,” says Jenny Grumbling, Start Planner co-owner.

STARTplanner has grown rapidly, selling out of its 2016 planners before the end of January. “We received emails daily from people hoping that we really weren’t sold out,” says Grumbling.  

STARTplanner products are unique in that they offer inspiration, beauty and quality, while helping users become more organized. “We searched high and low for a planner than could help us to achieve our own dreams from health, financial and work/life balance perspectives, and there wasn’t one that covered all the bases,” Dickerson says. “So, we created it. We never expected for everything to unfold like it has. It just confirms that the desire to create a balanced life is there. Jenny and I are thankful to positively impact the lives of others. To us, this is our dream.”

STARTplanner is offering preorders for all three mid-year lines, which will cover a period from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017. Fancy Pants will have an option to start planning April 1. Organization allows you to set yourself up for success. So, will you be getting “Fancy,” “Hustlin’” or “Legit?”


  • Merri Millard

    I really like your planner. I would love to purchase one or be able to purchase the parts that I could add to my own binder style planner. I am in direct sales and would love a place that I can put all my bookings, parties and sales tracking information in there as well as calendar to track home life.

  • Renee

    I loved the idea of the start planner. Now I also love “fancy pants”. I noticed in your video that you had specific sections for realtors and teachers. Where can I find out more about the teacher section? I don’t see those sections for “fancy pants” on the website.



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