20/21 WHATS NEW?!

It’s MIDYEAR time!!! We are so excited to be releasing our 20/21 Midyear Line. The lineup of planners includes Hustle Daily, Hustle Weekly, and Fancy Pants Daily systems in six beautiful colors: Flamingo, Charcoal, Caribbean Blue, Raspberry, Olive, and Authentic Leather. We are so excited about our new line and wanted to share with you some of the new changes and new accessories!

We have always prided ourselves on listening to the ideas of our consumers and incorporating these requests/ideas into our updated planners with each new launch. Below is a list of products included in the 20/21 line and changes to the planners!

• First and foremost, you will notice the hustle planners now come with perforated tear out grocery/to-do lists for each week!


• Another request that we heard over and over is longer days, so now, all of the planners run from 4:30am-10pm! 


• Also, we are excited to add pocket pages to replace the cover pockets in previous years! These are slightly bigger!  

Hustle Daily/Weekly

The same Hustle Daily Spiral and Hustle Weekly that we all know and LOVE, with some awesome new design features!! 

Daily Fancy Pants

For those of you who already have an A5 binder, we have the midyear inserts available again this year.

We have six beautiful Binder colors for our 20/21 Fancy Pants Midyear line! 




While on Preorder, all planner orders will receive a Bestie Notebook! This is a $10 value. 




    START Journal

    Words. Brain Dumps. Specific Projects. Extra Notes. Daily Dreams. Record of Events. Gratitude. 
    START journal is a notebook that is casebound. 8.5" by 5" and 160 pages with lined pages. It is the perfect size to take along with you. Journaling is a process that can help you to heal, grow and thrive!  Perfect as a stand-alone product or a companion to your START planning system!



      New Besties

      “Bestie” is our STARTplanner companion notebook that is filled with lined note pages. Bestie is great for taking notes, journaling, or anything you and your “bestie” dream up! Bestie can be used with our planners (fitting into the inside pockets) or by themselves. Meet your “Best Friend's” new “bestie”!


      New Business Partner Notebook

      What does Business Partner do? A Business Partner holds you accountable to plan for success in your business! This is notebook is geared towards entrepreneurs, direct sales agents, or small business owners to help you to outline and plan important aspects of running a successful business!

      Redesigned Gym Pal

      Do you need a “pal" in the gym? You won’t want to workout without this one! Our 60-day Gym Pal notebook is thorough and small enough to fit in your purse or gym bag for planning for your workouts in the gym. 
      Part of the meeting and reaching goals is making a plan for it! Gym pal helps you to outline, plan, document and access your goals in the gym so that you succeed! 


      "You Should Know" Notepad

      There is nothing better than a hand-written heartfelt note. We often get busy and forget to tell those around us the ways that we appreciate them-but this notepad will help remind you! Passing along a note to your kiddo in their lunch, partner on the mirror, friend on their car, a coworker on their desk, etc is the perfect way to give someone a smile and remind them that you care.  Show some gratitude and keep the love alive


        We hope you enjoy your new 20/21 Midyear STARTplanner as much as we do! We are excited to see you CRUSH your goals!

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