2016-17 to 2017-18 Midyear Planner Updates

STARTplanner has been built on feedback from it's users and the owners still actively read every single piece of feedback and keep a close eye on customer service. “We are here to make a more useful product to leave more space for happiness and intentional moments,” says Kristy. “Our STARTplanner products are designed to help you live a more purposeful life and happiness & productivity is OUR goal." 
With that being said, changes and updates have been made to all of our lines, both in design, quality, and content. “We are constantly trying to improve our planners and it has been feedback from our users and their support on which we have built STARTplanner,” says Jenny. 
Here are some of the major changes you will find in our 2017-18 Midyear Planners and we also have detailed out some general updates that apply to all lines. 
We introduced Hustle Weekly in 2017 and it sold out in the pre-order stage!  Here are the two different versions of Hustle shown below - Hustle Daily and Hustle Weekly.
Hustle Weekly now has a continuous spiral.
Want to see our Hustle Planners up close? Check out the unboxing of our Hustle Planners here!
4 Different Options for Binder Colors!!! Aren't they gorgeous!?!?
Our classic Nautical Navy, the very popular Ocean Blue, and our two new colors, Stone Gray and Blush.
Custom "S" gold button detail on closure. Swoon! It is now a different snap closure to maximize holding content inside.  
Standard A5, 6 ring Binding System with a zipper pocket on the inside front, back inside pocket is lined with a soft flannel material, and two-toned color on the inside
Detailed stitching on the front. Holla if you love you some details! 
Binder rings are now .5 mm larger so you can now add up to 4 months of daily pages at a time or have room for any of our add-in insert packs!
Fancy Pants now has a weekly Meal Planning section, woot!
Friends... it is just FANCY!!! 
Legit Student Planner
We have redesigned Legit in order to make it more student geared and durable. We are so excited about these changes and would love for you to learn more about the updates here. Too many to list out, it needed it's own post! 
*Not all updates apply to Legit*    
Overall they all have new cover designs! For each edition we change our covers! Each planner also now comes in a matching keepsake box, which you can use to store all of your planner accessories in:) 
Updated content in the front of the planners to better guide and show you how to utilize your planner and to help you get STARTed;)
For 2017 we updated the hourly time blocking to include 30 minute intervals. We had removed the checkboxes, but they are back and are now a grayscale… visible for those who want them, but light enough for those who don’t and want to write over them! 
Water Intake now has a circle around the water drop for you to color in, woot!
For 2017 the "Notes" Tab has been removed and there are now more Notes pages throughout the whole planner within each month. If you need extra notes, be sure to check out our Bestie
For 2017 editions, "Projects" Tab is now called “Plans” and includes Projects, Keeping it Clean, Vacation Planner, Holiday Planner, and More! 

For 2017 we removed the "Finances" Tab and moved it to under each month so you don't have to flip back and forth within that month. Financial Saving Goals is now located under the "Goals" Tab. 
Additional space to fill in your own finance categories as well so you can customize it to your life! 
"Staying On Track" got a facelift. No worries didn't require surgery. And “Last Month’s Shoulda-Woulda-Coulda” is now “Last Month’s Win”. It’s important to recognize and celebrate your accomplishments, both big and small. Go YOU!
Inside overall there are darker fonts and lines throughout as well!
Each months daily pages now fall under the corresponding tab only for all daily planners. 
For 2017 editions we changed Monthly Tabs to be abbreviated instead of just the first letter. 
For 2017, in our weekly and daily planners, the "Ideas" section was changed to a bubble icon... this can be used for ideas, scripture, gratitude, etc. In our Daily planners, "Dinner" was changed to a meal icon so you can plan all meals or if you just write bigger. And "My Day" was changed to a light bulb icon... this space can be used for notes, ideas, more to-do's, or anything else you need to write down:) All of these updates can also be found in our midyear lines.
For 2017 Hustle we added a Vision Board. This is actually by recommendation and inspiration from one of our users! Everyone has loved it so we have added this to ALL of our midyear planners!  
The Entertainment Section has been updated. “Music" has been replaced with “Restaurants” to keep up with all of those new restaurants you want to try, and “Books” now has 2 columns for all you bookworms;)
And now, in ALL of our planners, there is a section in the back titled “Looking Ahead”. This will allow you to keep track of important dates or appointments well into the future, which you can later transfer over to next year’s midyear planner! Hello organization! 
STARTplanner has been built from feedback and creating products with useful content that are inspirational!! We are stoked about all the updates and changes and cannot wait to see what everyone accomplishes over the next year! Let's do this! 
- STARTteam 

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