2016-2017 Mid Year Planner Comparison

So what is the difference? We thought we would do a blog post to help you decipher which planner is the right planner for you. We all have different needs and we have carefully designed and created these three different lines in order to help you find your new “best friend”. 

First, here is a comparison chart that will broadly go over the differences:


If you said to me that you had a business or own a home and take care of family… Hustle or Fancy Pants is your answer. They contain the most content and have home, finances, grocery lists, vacation planner, etc. Fancy Pants' Saturdays/Sundays have their own page for planning while Hustle shares a page. Take a look at these images:

Then, if that didn’t help you decide it would come down to whether or not you want Spiral bound or a Binder. Binder format does give you the ability to add and take away content where spiral bound has the entire year bound together. Our Fancy Pants also has inserts that you can get in order to customize your planner even more. It is designed to not have all the daily pages so if you are on the go all the time it might be the best option because you can make it lighter.  

If you don’t have a lot going on or you are a student, Legit would be your answer. It is a weekly planner, only contains budgeting and doesn’t have the full finance section or home management aspects. It does however still have goals, projects, and health management. 

Here we go over each of the lines in more detail:

HUSTLE:  Hustle is a spiral bound planner/book that is already jam-packed with the entire year of content ready for you to HUSTLE.  This mid year Hustle has 4 sections with Dividers - Goals - Projects - Financials and Calendar, 12 Divided monthly tabs, and 2 Folders for extra documents. 


FANCY PANTS: Fancy Pants is a binder designed to allow you to customize your year of planning to fit your needs or schedule. For anyone that needs a little more customization in your life, extra inserts/accessories are available for purchase making it your own.  Go ahead and get FANCY! It comes with 504 pages and is designed to include up to 3 months of Daily planning in the binder at a time with ALL Monthly tabs so that you can still plan ahead and see your year at a glance:) Also, Saturday and Sunday have a full day of planning for those who are extra busy on the weekends. In front there are 5 tabs, which include Goals, Projects, Finances, Notes, and Calendar.


LEGIT: Legit is a spiral bound planner/book that is jam-packed with the entire year of weekly content that will make you a legit planner and set yourself up for success. It contains the entire year, 174 pages, 8.5” wide by 11” tall, 12 Divided monthly tabs, a Goals & Projects section, and it's hole punched to easily add to a 3 ring binder. Great for students in middle school, high school, and college. Or anyone that prefers weekly planning. 

 So what planner is right for you? Hustle, Fancy Pants or Legit? 


  • Brandie

    Do you have a website or catalogue that I can see clear examples? Also, I work for the largest senior care company in the US. Do you offer discounts for multiple orders?

  • Brandie

    Do you have a website or catalogue that I can see clear examples? Also, I work for the largest senior care company in the US. Do you offer discounts for multiple orders?

  • Mary

    My husband and I are retired. He has end stage lung cancer and now I am taking over the finances and a lot of the home maintenance etc…what do the home maintenance pages look like..ie..my brother just cleaned out our gutters and repainted some fencing, but want to remember to add a coat of paint in the spring, make a note to check the furnace filter in 3 months, reminders to file taxes, etc..I’m trying to keep things organized as I navigate this new season in my life. I have kept my calendar on my iPhone and computer, but wonder if I should go back to a printed page..just need some thoughts regarding organizing. thank you. I love planners and have used others in the past, and wonder if it is time to go back to something new..

  • Britney

    I love planners. I was just introduced to the start planner. When will the full year of 2017 be released? I am already excited!!

  • Carla Sweetwood

    Where do I find what your Realtor insert includes? Am I correct in assuming too that with Fancy Pants you can’t have the entire year in the binder? Thank you

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