STARTplanner updates from 2017 to our 2018 Line

With every new line of planners we release, a lot of time and energy goes into the final design. Our #1 goal is to help you become more organized so that you can live a life of intentional moments, all while being the best version of YOU! We are always looking for new and better ways to achieve this goal, and many of you help along the way! We read every single piece of feedback we receive from our STARTplanner community. We discuss your ideas and see how we might be able to implement them. Because of your continued support and ideas we are continuing to grow, update products, and help others achieve success by making the tool as useful as possible!
Here are some of the updates you will find from our 2017 Jan-Dec Planners to our 2018 Jan-Dec Planners!


Both Hustle Daily and Hustle Weekly are back, now with 2 different cover options for each. 
We have had many requests for a casebound planner, so we are testing the waters with a Hustle Daily Casebound! If spiral planners aren’t your jam, and you prefer to have your full year of planning pages with you at all times, then Hustle Daily Casebound might be that best friend you’ve been looking for. It even has a lay-flat design!
Many of you recall us launching a Hustle Daily Business Planner last year. This planner was definitely a hit, however, we had a lot of small business owners who preferred a weekly planner, or a planner cover with a little more pizazz. We wanted to find a way for anyone with a business to choose the planner that fit their lifestyle best…and Business Partner was the solution! Meet our new Business Partner Notebook! This little notebook can fit inside any of our planners.
The content inside is a little different from the “Biz” section of our 2017 Business Planner with even more content. Read and see more about it here
If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, or looking to start your own business, then check out our Business Downloads here!

Hustle Weekly now has a continuous spiral for added durability. Please note that because of the difference in spirals, the snap-in bookmarks from last season (2017) will NOT be compatible with the new continuous spiral.



You asked for it, and we found a way to make it happen! Fancy Pants now comes in a WEEKLY format in addition to our Daily format! We had so many requests for a weekly version of Fancy Pants as well as a planner with a Monday start day, so we are excited to share with you that not only do we have a weekly Fancy Pants, but it has a Monday start as well! (Daily Fancy still has a Sunday start)
With our Weekly layout, the binder can hold up to 6 months worth of weekly planning pages, along with all of the tabs and 12 monthly overviews, so you can still plan out your year in advance. To learn more about the design features of our Weekly Fancy, head over to the product listing page here.
The other big update for Fancy Pants is that it now has a Meal Planning section. In our 2017 Fancy there was a small Notes section under Weekly Groceries, which has now been changed to Meal Planning and is above the Weekly Groceries section for you to conveniently make your grocery list as you plan your meals for the week! The Meal Planning component is available in both the Daily and Weekly Fancy Pants.


(the following updates are present across all planner lines)

All of our planners have new cover designs! For each edition we change our covers and we are in love with 2018! Your planner will now arrive in a matching keepsake box, great for storing all of your planner accessories. A little extra padding during shipping is always a plus…gotta keep that planner protected!
We updated the content in the front of the planners to better guide you through getting STARTed and utilizing your planner to its fullest potential. This planner really is a tool, not just a calendar! Read, learn, and rock it out! ; ) 
Take a close look at the “Top 3”…notice anything different? It is now called “Prioritize” and we have added a heart icon = self care. It’s important to take care of YOU so that you can be your best self for those around you. So what will you do for yourself today or this week? Bubble bath, mani/pedi, 1 hour of quiet time? Hey, we can dream, can’t we? 
Checkboxes are back - woohoo! - but are now in grayscale. Visible for those who want them, but light enough for those who don’t and want to write over them. 
Water Intake now has a circle around the water drop for you to color in. Don’t we all like to color and doodle?  
Inside you will see darker fonts and lines throughout as well!
The Entertainment Section has been updated. “Music” has been replaced with “Restaurants” to keep up with all of those new restaurants you want to try, and “Books” now has 2 columns for all of you bookworms; )
And now, in ALL of our planners, there is a section in the back titled “Looking Ahead”. This will allow you to keep track of important dates or appointments well into the future, which you can later transfer over to next year’s planner! Hello organization! 
STARTplanner is built on our goal of creating products for the STARTplanner community that are inspirational and designed with the goals and feedback of our users in mind. We are stoked about all the updates and changes and cannot wait to see what YOU accomplish over the next year! Let's do this! 
- STARTteam

Not sure which planner is right for you? Check out this helpful blog post HERE!

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