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STARTplanner is releasing their 2018-19 Mid Year Line. The lineup of planners includes Hustle Daily, Hustle Weekly, and Fancy Pants Daily systems in four beautiful colors: Coral, Metallic Gold, Ocean Blue and Blush. Kristy Dickerson and Jenny Grumbling started STARTplanner in May of 2015 they are coming up on their third year in business. The duo has grown STARTplanner to a business with 7 figures in sales, launched a book Start Balancing. In addition, because of STARTplanners success, CEO Kristy Dickerson has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc.com and has spoken on Harvard's stage along with other opening keynotes for conferences across the country.

The company has made big changes this year! After originally starting in Dickerson's garage, then moving into a leased warehouse in 2016, they have recently purchased a new office and warehouse–START HQ. Since finalizing a renovation, they now have a new home for STARTplanner which aligns with their brand. Dickerson states, "anything and everything we do has always gone back to one mission, inspiring others to live their best life, be productive, and show others that if we can do it, they can too."
Adding one more exciting change into the mix, Dickerson and Grumbling have also partnered with, Kelsy McHenry (former CEO of BLOOM conference) to throw a conference in May. Start Loving You is a moms destination retreat designed to fuel moms and their closest girlfriends through a day of inspiration, learning, relaxing and recharging in a new city! Last year (BLOOM) keynote speakers included #IMOMSOHARD and Kristin Kuzimic, along with many others. Start Loving You 2018 is in San Deigo May 17 and 18 with speakers such as Meredith Masony of That's inappropriate, Cat and Nat from Today show, and many more. The full lineup of speakers and details is located here.


It’s MIDYEAR time!!! Which means there is a growing excitement around the launch of STARTplanners new 18/19 line. STARTplanner has always prided themselves on listening to the ideas of their consumers and incorporating these requests/ideas into their updated planners with each new launch. Below is a list of products included in the 2018/19 line. 


Hustle Daily/Weekly

The same Hustle Daily Spiral and Hustle Weekly that we all know and LOVE, with some awesome new exciting features!! We are SO excited to share this new line with you!! Here are some of the features that we have updated in the 2018/19 Hustle Midyear line!

Daily Fancy Pants

We have four beautiful Binder colors for our 18/19 Fancy pants Midyear line! Two that you already know and love Ocean Blue and Blush, and we can’t wait for you to see and fall in love with our two NEW colors!! Metallic Gold, and Coral! 

These are the perfect colors for spring! 

Both Fancy Pants and Hustle daily and weekly all share these same updates: 

  • Dates have been moved to the top of the boxes in all monthly overviews.
  • Top three is NOW “Prioritize”
  • Added heart in prioritize box for “self-care” (remember to take care of YOU)
  • More spaces for accountability partners (We all need those different accountability partners in our lives!)
  • Entertainment Section: New space added for restaurants (use for places where you want to eat, or keep track of the places you have gone that you loved and want to go back!)
  • Punch List is now "My List" for more versatility 

    While on Preorder, all planner orders will receive 2 FREE sheets of motivation, birthday and reminder stickers that fit perfectly in the monthly overview boxes! This is a $12 value. So if you are thinking about getting STARTed (pun intended) then check out of the Mid-Year Lineup and new accessories today!





    STUDENTS, you NEED this in your life!!!

    The biggest update to the product lineup is that Legit Planner is now a Notebook. Legit Planner was STARTplanners casebound student planner last year, but this year the student information has been pulled out of the planner and combined into a portable notebook allowing students to pick any regular sized planner (Hustle or Fancy Pants) which works for their life and pair it with Legit Planner Notebook to focus on educational success.

    Student Essential Kits for Hustle Daily and Hustle Weekly will include a FREE Legit Planner Notebook for students who are ready get organized and focus on success in the classroom and beyond, with goals, finances, health, and so much more.

    By pairing the Legit Notebook with any of the STARTplanner’s, students are instantly set up for success! Startplanner understands that school looks different for everyone and wants to ensure that EVERYONES student needs are covered regardless of what stage in life the student is in.

    Here is what is featured in the new Legit Notebook:

    • Educational Check List (annually and for each term)
    • Advisors and Mentors
    • Classes and Grade Trackers
    • Projects 
    • Extra Note Pages
    Stickers are one of the most frequently requested planner accessories. STARTplanner has designed a set of Lady Love Stickers to help women track their self-care. Breast exams, annual exams and also track starting and stopping of their period. Grumbling states, "taking care of ourselves is something we tend to push to the end of our list and it is important that we constantly strive to put ourselves first and be forward thinking on preventative measures."  
    STARTplanner has two versions of spiral planners, daily and weekly, and they each have a unique spiral. Spiral-Add-A Page is a way you can add custom pages (charts, photos, lists, etc.) to your planner, thus allowing you to customize the function and content in your planner.
    Goal Crushin’ stickers and progress tracker is a new way to record and track the progress of a goal. Assign someone to hold you accountable, then pick your end goal. You can then see your movement, by moving stickers onto the progress tracker as you work your way towards your goal!  This set includes a sheet of stickers and a progress tracker Sheet that can be added into the Fancy Pants by hole punching it, or the Hustle with the Spiral-Add-A-Page.


    Introducing the NEW Grid Dot Bestie!!

    STARTplanner has an entire line of "Besties" (extra notebooks made to be paired with different planners in multiple designs.) They are great for extra notes, to track specific things or various other tasks. These smaller notebooks are the perfect size to fit in your purse or bag if you don’t feel like taking your whole planner with you everywhere.  

    There was a high demand to create a Bestie with a dot-grid for those who like bullet journaling or who prefer or need dots to plan specific tasks. Also, the dot grid offers a chance to be creative!

    The ways to use our new grid dot bestie are limitless! Here are some ways you can use your Grid Dot Bestie:

    • Habit Tracker
    • Gratitude journal
    • Memories Log
    • Accomplishment Lists
    • Meal Planning
    • Master Lists
    • Recipe Book
    • Financial Planning


    We hope you enjoy your new 18/19 Midyear STARTplanner as much as we do! We are excited to see you CRUSH your goals!

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