2019/20 Midyear Lines

It’s MIDYEAR time!!! We are so excited to be releasing our 2019-20 Mid Year Line. The lineup of planners includes Hustle Daily, Hustle Weekly, and Fancy Pants Daily systems in four beautiful colors: Flamingo, Charcoal, Carribean Blue, and Authentic Leather. We are so excited about our new line and wanted to share with you some of the new changes and new accessories!

We have always prided ourselves on listening to the ideas of our consumers and incorporating these requests/ideas into our updated planners with each new launch. Below is a list of products included in the 2019/20 line and changes to the planners!

First and foremost, you will notice a much cleaner and more modern design in all the planners - all the same great content, but just a cleaned up design to make more room for writing and doing your own decorating!!

Another request that we heard over and over is to move the monthly tabs to the LEFT side of the monthly overviews... well, ask and you shall receive! We have moved the tabs on all of the monthly overviews! 



Hustle Daily/Weekly

The same Hustle Daily Spiral and Hustle Weekly that we all know and LOVE, with some awesome new design features!! 

To learn more about our Hustle Planner you can watch this short video HERE

We are also excited to offer the FOCUS BUNDLES in both Daily and Weekly options this year for those who would like to pair the 90 Days of Hustle with their Hustle planner (and save some money!) both bundles come with the Hustle Planner, a Slate Grey 90 days of START, 2 bookmark rulers and a notepad!

Daily Fancy Pants

For those of you who already have an A5 binder, we have the midyear inserts available again this year.

We have four beautiful Binder colors for our 19/20 Fancy pants Midyear line! The most exciting addition this year is one option in AUTHENTIC LEATHER! We will still have 3 options in the "Vegan Leather" - Flamingo, Carribean Blue, and Charcoal. These are the perfect colors for spring! 

To learn more about our Fancy Pants Planner you can watch this short video HERE  


While on Preorder, all planner orders will receive a teal BLINGpen! This is a $12 value. 




    Control Center: 

    We know you have your planner, but there are things that you want front and center for your family to see as well...so we created the weekly "Control -Center" A convenient dry erase magnet divided into days of the week and notes so you can make your loved ones aware of the highlights of the week!  Great for weekly menus, appointments, reminders, chores, to-do items... the list goes on and on! 



      Silver Pen-pal

      Have you been looking for that perfect pen or pencil holder for your spiral bound planner? Look no further. We have found you a pal! Pen Pal is a beautiful gold that is meant to be placed on the backside of your planner to hold that perfect pen. Don’t we all need a pal that supports us, helps us to shine, and is always close by? 😉 And it can even be used in the car, on your fridge, or even your desktop...the possibilities are endless!


      Stuck-On-You Sticky Pouch

      Customize your planner even more! "Stuck-On-You" pairs perfectly with your "best friend" (your planner) so that you can keep your favorite photos or important papers and notes close by and of course, in style. It's great for pictures of loves ones, motivation, receipts, coupons, reminders... you name it! 

      Silver Sidekick: 

      Doesn't everyone need a sidekick??? "Sidekick" pairs perfectly with your "best friend" (your planner) so that you can keep your favorite planning accessories close by and of course, in style. It's great for phone, receipts, planner accessories, coupons, pencils/pens, tape... I mean you name it! When you have your "best friend" and your "sidekick"... watch out world!


      FOR A5 FANCY PANTS: Get Motivated Gold Dividers

      Get Motivated! Dividers are a perfect companion for your Fancy Pants if you need a little “division & motivation” happening in your life! It is perfect to organize and separate the different things you are planning. You write on the tab itself with a permanent marker to make it exactly what you want it to be. Things you might want to have in their own sections are: travel/vacations, business planning, contact management, journaling, Bible study, professional career, kids activities, etc. Pairs great with any of our Fancy add-in insert packs.


        We hope you enjoy your new 19/20 Midyear STARTplanner as much as we do! We are excited to see you CRUSH your goals!

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