2022 What Is Ahead - STARTplanner to STARTbrands and Why


Hello 2022!  Big announcement and changes for 2022!

1. Notice the new URL? We have decided instead of running 5 different website everything is under one umbrella website making it easier to help you start! through tools, resources and community.  If you go to Startplanner.com it will redirect you to the right location and there are big reasons why.

If you have seen the transitions with introducing courses last year. Both launching Start Knowing Your Numbers and if you haven’t seen them, we are offering a Start Productivity Course ($197 value) right now for FREE with any planner purchase! Just add the course to your cart along with any Planner and it will make it free!   

 Start Brands include:

The Start Planner - planners and organizational tools 

Start Knowing My Numbers - online financial course for home budgeting - (business coming this year!)

START Courses - online productivity and organizational courses

Start With Kristy  - Business Coaching, Podcast, Speaking. 

We have big plans for 2022 with more content and courses that will be coming your way to help you get organized, become more productive, and navigate the change needed for your life. We also have some big changes that could impact you! 

With those changes, we are moving to ONLY January- December planners with STARTplanner. 

This is really a move that had to be made in order to have the resources to continue sharing with you all authentically and to have time to produce content! Kristy also has a couple other reasons. 

If you don’t know Kristy, there is more behind the why, and she decided to create this video to explain and to share it on her personal blog as well if you want to understand a little more. 

We are telling everyone this now, so you know what to expect and why! To celebrate this transition we have  code 2022ME for 22% a 2022 dated planner! If you are a mid-year user, check your email with an extra discount in order for you to be able to transition to our January line at a discount to stay with our system. You actually are getting this notice first! 

We understand this is going to affect some of you. We hope you take the time to listen to the why and know WE KNOW this is how we continue to serve you! Our STARTplanner Quarterly will be available all the time!  

So there will only be this current 2022 (Jan-Dec) DATED planner until 2023 line when we will offer both daily and weekly again! We are so excited about this change and we couldn't be more pumped about the content we plan to create to help you continue starting! As always we are here for you! Feel free to email us with any ideas or questions! 

Kristy, Jenny and The Entire Start Team 

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