21/22 Midyear Updates

 Beautiful covers are amazing and inspiring... aesthetics are part of it, but there have been some tweaks to The STARTplanner System on the inside, and THAT IS WHERE THE VALUE IS! 

There is honestly not a piece of this planner that we did not touch. Everything that you love about STARTplanner is still there and we are constantly researching, looking at data, gathering feedback, and even ideating from our own experiences. Over the years, it has truly developed into the STARTplanner System! 

It is so much more than a planner—it is an organizational tool and system that is also filled with knowledge and practical hacks. Whether you are new to STARTplanner or just finding us; we wanted to share all of the changes to the midyear planner!

In the front, you will find updated tips for using the planner: 

  • Strategies to Win 
  • Planning Your Days 
  • Daily Legend  

There is also an example spread in every planner, giving you an idea of how to use and execute!

GOALS Section

  • Setting specific goals for your life (areas of focus have been revised), and it now reads "affirmations for success". We are going to embody these goals. 
  • Added Finances & Savings Goals! - finances have always been an important aspect in our planners. Our CEO is educated in finances, and you will now find a finance and savings goal section breaking it down to: overview, current cash assets, and current cash liabilities. These areas work with the monthly budgets to create ongoing tracking in order to work towards financial goals.

PLANS Section 

  • Added an Education section. We feel we should all be constantly pushing toward growth and learning. We have created a daily prompt, and we wanted to make sure there was a section to write down recommendations and brainstorm our growth ideas. 
  • This section still includes home life maintenance, cleaning, giving back, entertainment, vacation, and holiday planning.

Monthly Planning 

  • Lines have been added to monthly overview boxes to help with planning. 
  • Back by popular demand: Cards and Gifts tracker so you can make sure to never miss a birthday or special occasion by listing them all out at the beginning of the month so you know who you need to buy for & send gifts for. 
  • This section still includes reflections from last month, mini-goals, health checks, projects, and monthly budgets!

Meal Planning and Grocery

  • We added snacks section in addition to the  breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily meal planning!
  • Tear-out grocery lists are still included! 

Updates for both weekly and daily spreads 

1.Start your day with Gratitude! Research shows that gratitude is highly correlated With well-being greater happiness! 

2.Sleep tracking: We added this in 2021, so this a new feature for mid-year users. 

3.Track your energy. (see the lightning icon) Self-care (ie. sleep, eating right, moving) is all directly correlated to your energy levels. Start tracking to see patterns where you can improve! 

4. Practice excogitation. (hands and heart icon) No matter what you believe, this is a reminder to set aside a little time for mediation, prayer and/or alignment each day.

5. Continue learning (book Icon) - We encourage you to try to learn or work on personal development for 20 minutes a day. Maybe it’s a podcast, reading, or watching a YouTube video. When we are continuing our education, we are growing. And it can be in any sector of life that aligns with your goals!

6. Snack-time! This was much requested in the food tracking area, so you now have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. 


I firmly believe that by adjusting our routines and systems to support growth, we can achieve our biggest goals, which is why I am so excited and proud of what the STARTplanner System is and what we have developed into with help and feedback from this group!

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