25 Ways To Organize Your Life Right Now

Organization takes on different definitions to different people. It’s defined as having things arranged in a systematic manner, but no two people find the same system efficient in their own homes. Life is busy, schedules are full, and many people have very little free time to get organized and get their schedules in order.

By becoming organized in a manner that suits you perfectly, you can create more free time, minimize stress, and really enjoy life. The trick to succeeding at organizing your life is to do it your way. Forget what everyone else is telling you and learn to create a system of organization that’s yours. It works better when it’s your way. If you need a little inspiration to help you get started, it’s right here.

Make A List

It’s common sense, but writing things down makes it easier to remember. When you remember things in advance, you have more time to plan for them and eliminate last-minute panic and rush.


Make A Wish List

This isn’t the same list as the to-do list above. This is a list of things you’d like to do. When you do have free time, you consult this list and choose something rather than wasting time wondering what to do with yourself.

Carry a Planner-Obviously a STARTplanner

A planner is one of the best ways to keep your life organized. It allows you to schedule your days, consult your calendar, see important dates and reminders, and keep notes.

Sync Calendars

If you have a family, sync your calendars. Now everyone in the house knows what’s going on every day, what time, where, when, and how. It’s much more organized.

Plan Ahead

Nothing makes life disorganized quite like failing to plan ahead. When you have a chance to organize your day the night before, take it.

Clean As You Go

When people schedule a time to clean and a list of things to clean each day, they fail to get things done. Sure, planning is nice. However, when you clean as you go, it makes life easier and more efficient. Don’t schedule dishes for Tuesdays and Thursdays when you can do them each day as you use them. It’s faster, more efficient, and feels less like work.

Buy A Smart Home Device

A device such as Google Home makes keeping your life simple so much easier. When you’re elbow-deep in dirty dishes, you can simply tell Google to add dish soap to the shopping list rather than search for a pen and paper or remind yourself to write something down later.

Schedule Free Time

It’s an oxymoron to schedule free time, but it’s helpful. When life is busy, pick a date on the calendar and block it off so you don’t make any plans.

Get Good Sleep

Try to get at least 8 hours each night. Go to bed around the same time, get up around the same time, and make sure you sleep. Sleeping makes you more productive, which helps you organize life.

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter in your home creates clutter in your mind. Keep your desk clean, your life clean, and your home clean and you won’t feel so overwhelmed.


Do you make $50 per hour working from home doing the work of your trade? If you do, anything that costs less than you make in an hour to pay someone else to do should be done. Hire someone to mow the lawn, to clean your house, and to do other things. Delegate.

Donate Everything

Go through your house and donate everything you don’t need or use anymore. If you can’t donate it, throw it away. A lack of stuff creates a more peaceful mind.

Schedule Accordingly

If you have four kids and they all need to see the dentist and the pediatrician, schedule them all the same day. Forget coming back four times or two times. Do it all at once so you don’t waste time on other days.

Shop Accordingly

If you need to do your shopping, do it all at once. Forget making three trips per week to the store because you need things you forgot. Make a list, shop all at once, and get it done quickly.

Create A Weekly Menu

Decide in advance what to make each night for dinner during the week. This allows you to check for ingredients before you shop, to make a comprehensive list, and to save time figuring out what you want and what you need all week.

Keep Cleaning Supplies in A Caddy

Now you can cart it around everywhere you go all the time, and you won’t waste valuable time finding all you need to clean any room of the house.

Take Photos

Instead of storing homework and art work and projects your kids bring home, take photos of them and put them on a disk or an online album so you always have them without the actual mess of keeping them.

Put Trash Cans in All Rooms

When you have easy access to the trash, you’re less inclined to throw things into a drawer or on a counter when you no longer need them. You’ll throw them away immediately. 

Forget the Junk Drawer

It’s something everyone has, and it’s a mess. It’s where you put things that don’t have a home, things you need to hide, or things that you want but don’t want to put away right now. Skip the drawer and put a basket on the counter for this. You’ll be more inclined to put things in it and then organize them later when you have a few minutes if you can see the mess you’re creating as you create it.

Lay Out Clothes

When the evening ends and things calm down, lay out your clothing for the following day. When you don’t need that time in the morning to find things, you’re going to find it’s much easier to get ready and get productive.

Schedule Me Time

You need time to unwind. Schedule 10 minutes at the beginning of the day to drink coffee, to sit quietly, or to shower without interruption. Starting the day on the right foot makes a huge difference in your productivity. 

Exercise Daily

Join the gym, take a walk, or dance every day. Do whatever you must do to get some exercise. It provides you with more energy, it helps you stay more focused, and it makes you more productive.

Reward Yourself

Getting organized isn’t always easy, but it’s more enjoyable when you reward yourself after it’s done. Schedule a spa day, a weekend getaway, or splurge on a night out to reward yourself for getting organized. 

Keep Important Documents in A Safe

Not only do you need this to protect them from disaster or prying eyes, it’s easier on you when you need a cop of someone’s birth certificate or whatnot to know where it is right away. 

Organize Your Car

Clean it out, add a basket of water bottles, snacks, jackets, baby wipes, and other necessities to the car so you always have what you need on hand and don’t feel so disorganized.

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