3 Tips to staying organized through the holidays!

The holidays are upon us! In some ways it is such a magical time of the year, but we also know that, if we don’t tame the beast, it will take us down. “Overwhelmed” is a familiar feeling during the final months of the year, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Take a deep breath and let us share a few tips for staying in control of your holiday season. 
See what we did there? Let’s start in the Holiday section of your STARTplanner! We have given you the perfect tool for organizing your holidays. From budgeting to your to-do list, we’ve got you covered. Work backwards where you need to. Are you sending out holiday cards? Before you can send them out you have to design them. Before you can design them you probably need a photo. There you go…Step 1: Schedule family photos. Your planner will guide you through your holiday budget, menu, and gift giving with ease!
Start early. Start now if you haven’t already. Imagine yourself enjoying the last week before Christmas, sitting and relaxing, staring at your tree with a cup of egg nog…not a stress in the world. Make it your goal to be able to enjoy the days leading up to your big holiday. That means front-loading. Do as much as you can now so that you’re not in a panic at the end. Take the time to update your lists every day or as often as you can. Create a daily goal to complete 1-3 tasks every day that will get you closer to relaxing with your egg nog!
Remember that the goal of any holiday season is to love the ones who love you the most. Set an intention to be absolutely present in the moments that matter. Jot down notes of gratitude during the busiest times and keep things in perspective. Remember that there are a million people in the world who would give anything for half of the things you are stressed about. These moments only happen once so enjoy them, take them in, and make a promise to yourself to be grateful that you get to be part of them. 

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