3 Ways To Use Take Note For Productivity

This is one of our newest products; if you can’t tell, we’re really giddy about it. Jenny truly outdid herself and designed a beautiful collection of sticky notes just for you guys to be more productive. 

Take Note has 6 individual sticky notes that can be used for different functions! 

Collection includes:

  • leaf design 
  • watercolor 
  • remember...
  • olive green  
  • to buy - 13 line items
  • Vertical Notes

This matches our 2023 Dated Planner line so it can be used in conjunction to decorate and "take notes" or alone! This is a great gift for the fellow organized individual or a gift to yourself to help you "take note". 

Here are 3 ways the Take Note can make you more productive: 

  1. Use the “remember…” sticky note to set daily reminders in places you frequently see. Can be as simple as reminding yourself to call your mom or reminding your kids to grab their homework! 
  2. The “to buy” sticky note is great for writing out important items you need from random stores like batteries or light bulbs. Again place it in a spot you frequently see. 
  3. Use the small green sticky note as a placeholder to mark important pages in your planner! It can also be used with a metallic pen to add some personality to your planner for fun! We like to mark days and block time off! 

There are many other ways to use the Take Note but thought it would be better to show you than write it out since we are visual people over here! WATCH HERE! 

Get your Take Note HERE! 

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