5 Companies That Make Giving Back A Part Of Their Brand

The Holiday Season creates an opportunity to remember people who are near and dear to us. But what about the other reasons to give gifts  that include helping those who are less fortunate. As long as your shopping list exists, here are some companies with Giving Back programs. These companies make an impact on those who need it most.

The Company Store

With over 200,000 homeless children in America tonight, The Company Store offers a Buy One Get One plan. Where your purchase allows a homeless child the warmth from the cold winter nights they so desperately need. Through Family Promise affiliates, The Company Store automatically ships a comforter to the shelter location to a needy child who gets to keep the quilt as they transition through the re-homing from shelter to permanent housing.


The first company founded on the principle of creating a superior product and provide it to pets in need. This BOGO Bowl Giving Back, every purchase of pet food you make means an animal shelter gets the same choice bag shipped to their address. The product has no artificial colors or flavoring, no corn, wheat or soy filler, and instead has probiotics for digestion and Omega 3 and 6 for shiny coats and healthy skin. It also contains Glucosamine Chondroitin for healthy joints.

Toms Shoes

Over the years, news fades, but Toms Shoes continue giving to those in need with their One for One® program. After traveling in Argentina, in 2006, the owner of Toms Shoes, Blake Mycoskie, experienced seeing children with horrible living conditions and no shoes. Currently, this company still honors this Giving Back and for every pair of shoes sold they give away a free pair to the needy.


Along with making world history as the world's only Fair Trade Certified™ Footwear Factory, Oliberté makes sustainable products while supporting worker's rights in a sub-Sharan area of Africa. Their Sportanya program allows successful African athletes to document their lives and invite fans to follow along where 10% of the sales go to support the cause.


It seems irresponsible to give education assistance to children if they have poor eyesight, so Panda developed a program to cure this dilemma. With every purchase, you provide eye exam for school-aged children and a free pair of prescription glasses through the Optometry Giving Sight organization. Of course, it makes sense to Giving Back by providing corrected vision before teaching a child to read.

When planning your gift-giving ideas this season, why not consider Giving Back to others by purchasing through companies who bring joy and comfort to the world's most needy individuals and creatures? The life you change may someday be the one that saves your life or the life of someone you love.

STARTplanner firmly believes in giving back. We are thankful for all of our customers and can't wait to see how you serve your families and local communities. Hit us up on your Facebook page to share your #service stories.

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