5 Reasons Why Working Moms are Superheroes

We know that being a working mom isn't easy. Juggling work meetings and conference calls with soccer practices and band concerts takes dedication, effort, and amazing organizational skills. Just remember that when you're as goal-oriented and strong-minded as you know you are, nothing is out of your reach. Once you learn how to balance those seemingly endless tasks you are unstoppable. STARTplanner is an easy way to establish this total control and stability over your incredibly hectic life.
1. You Stay Up Late and Wake Up Early
Since becoming a super-mom you might miss the easy days when sleeping in was an option. Now, your morning consists of rushing the kids to school before putting your game face on to prepare for another day of hard work. There might even be times when you think that you can't handle a single more minute of work before you pass out from exhaustion, but somehow you keep trucking onward. Being a bomb mom is all about sacrifices, and you certainly take many of them.
2. You Are an Amazing Multi-tasker
Helping your kid with reading while pulling together an impressive proposal for tomorrow's meeting might not seem possible, but you did it. If there were an award for handling far more tasks on a daily basis than you should, you would win first place. Between cooking, cleaning, working, scolding and occasionally socializing, it's a suprise you haven't crashed and burned yet. Luckily there's a small place in between all of those things for love and laughter, and that makes it all worth it.
3. You Remember Everything
Like an elephant, you have the awesome ability to remember what groceries you need for the rest of the week, your kid's appointments, and countless other things. Of course, you have a little help from STARTplanner, but no one has to know that. Your spouse, family, and friends will watch in awe as you remember important dates without fail as you take care of the kids and hustle too.
4. You Have Endless Patience
Watching your little ones make a mess of the house you just spent hours cleaning isn't exactly good for your mental health, but somehow you are able to remain composed day in and day out. You might spend many days out of the week trying and failing to concentrate on work as your let out random screams and screeches. Being a mom is sometimes like being a zookeeper of little monkeys, but at least you're an animal lover.
5. You're Still You
After everything that parenthood has put you through, you haven't lost the core aspects of you. You're still an incredible woman with big dreams and aspirations, and a person who will stop at nothing to achieve success.

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