5 Tips for a Seamless School Start

Ready? Set? Go! Is anyone ever really ready for the start of another school year? How did these babies become real little humans who are able to learn math facts and carry lunch trays? Wasn’t it just weeks ago that we were up all night trying desperately to decipher their little cries? Ok, so we can’t stop time. We can’t keep our little ones little forever but we can be prep’ed and ready as we send them out into the big world. Here are five quick and simple tips for a seamless transition from the lazy days of summer to the structure of another school year.
  1. Start the night before. Pack lunches, check folders, sign forms, etc. the night before. Put those little angels in bed and give yourself an hour to get organized for the morning. Set out your favorite mug. Set the coffee pot timer. Lay out your clothes. Review the next day’s schedule. And don’t forget to put yourself to bed a little early. Its hard starting school…even for parents!

  2. Rise and Shine! As hard as it is, mentally prepare yourself to get up a few minutes early. That extra time will alleviate a whole lot of stress in the morning. The routine is new for everyone and things will come up until everyone is in the swing of things. Plan for a few extra challenges. 

  3. Sunday Meeting. Pull everyone together on Sunday evening for a quick review of the week ahead and to combine everyones schedules in your planner. Who has practice? What would we like for meals? (the fuel notepad is the perfect helper to plan the meals AND the groceries!) What is happening at school this week? This little meeting could take as little as ten minutes but will get everyone on the same page and thinking ahead for the week. It is also a good way to reinforce the family value that we are all in this together.

  4. Everything in its place. This one starts before the first day of school. Get your kids involved and decide where their everyday items will be kept. When the littles choose the spot, they can easily recall it. Where are we going to keep football cleats this year? Where would you like to hang your backpack when you come in from school? Be prepared to give extra reminders for those first few days (weeks?), but know it will pay off as the year moves along.

  5. Every day is a fresh start. Monday was rough. What went well? What made me pull my hair out? How do I fix it? Tuesday was better. Wednesday was great. Review at the end of each day knowing that some are going to be better than others. Forgive yourself when you could have done better, make note of what needs improvement, and start fresh the next day. 
Every day is a chance to send those little humans out the door knowing we have their backs, we’ve got it covered, and we can do this! At least we are trying, right? 

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