5 Tips to Save Time!

Time! Our most important asset. A commodity that once we use it we do not get it back. I am going to share with you 5 ways that you can save time OR get more done because you have more time! Plan - This sounds so elementary but if you do not plan, you are not intentional with your time. Look at your goals and set weekly goals and intentions, and then be very careful with how you delegate that time. Being intentional to only say yes to those things that align. 

Don't waste time looking or sorting for things! Also mentally, you are freer when things are simple, and you are organized! Organizing your desk, workspace, home, thoughts all the things. Little by little you break down areas and audit and get organized with processes and workflows as well. 



There is an entire blog post here on this. But time blocking is an intentional method with how you spend your day and time. For me, I am most productive in the morning so I am very intentional with that time. I schedule when I go to the gym, meetings, and all the things around how I can give my greatest output for the day. The key to time blocking is scheduling time to focus AND also scheduling like-minded things together. For instance, if I am going out for a meeting, what else can I do while I am out that will save me time during the week. I am a big believer our work and personal lives are fluid, so my schedule is often intertwined. Here is an example of time-blocking.

  •  As you are adding commitments, be intentional with certain days for certain tasks. 
  • Schedule like-minded things together 
  • creative work do when you are your best and save task work for none peak times. 
  • Plan out your week and days, so you know your schedule and communicate it to others. 
  • Leave a buffer between tasks! Take a break for your mind to readjust and relax. Take a walk, meditate, anything that will clear your mind!


Are there things in your life that you can automate? When you pinpoint those items, you ask yourself what the cost is? For instance, I use and teach Quickbooks online for both home financials and business financials. Using a credit card to track expenses, all those transactions are automated into my accounting books. The automation saves time and gives me data to be able to make decisions. There is a cost associated with that service, but it far outweighs the return of all the time it saves by having it! Any apps that you can use to automate the processing of backing up? I use Dropbox for file organization, and in the background, files are saved to all devices. In business, there are so many ways I automate. Another example is an application that relays transactions from an online store to accounting software, or in customer service, auto-responder, and emails that are automated already written out depending on the question, which will bring me to my next point! 


Do something more than once and create a template for it. If this is an action, you can make a routine around it, and eventually, it becomes part of the new routine! A template saves you time! For instance, emails if there are common questions. Groceries are also weekly tasks! Are there staples that you need that you get every week? Create a template for that. 


Have you ever looked down at your phone, iPad, or computer, and then an hour later, you have found that you have fallen down the vicious spiral of social media? Do you feel overwhelmed and busy, but by the end of the day, you don’t feel like you have accomplished anything? We all have days like that, but with some time management tips, effort, and your planner, we can learn how to manage time to fit our chaotic lifestyle. Our phones can be the biggest source of distractions. "A University of California study found that after each interruption, it takes over 23 minutes to refocus." This is a hard thing for a lot of us but find ways to eliminate distractions. Only checking emails at certain times. Limiting social media time. Set your phone to do not disturb so that you can focus. Some people can multitask well, but we are wired to focus and get items completed. Are there distractions in your life you could cut aligning to be your highest best self? 

These are 5 ways that you can become more productive and save time. Remember, you are the foundation for your productivity. Take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. You also will save time and get more done! Self-care is essential. We are all bodies of energy, and to be our best energies, this is a must! 

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