5 Ways To Use START planner Washi Tape

One thing I love about STARTplanner is their simplicity. This gives me the ability to add color and “bling” to make it my own.  A great way to add some pizazz to your planner is with our Start Planner Tape!!  Not only is this tape colorful but it is so multifunctional as well!!
Here are 5 ways I like to use my STARTplanner Washi Tape:
Time Blocking: Use strips of tape to block out days or weeks in the monthly calendar view. If you are going to the beach for a week in July, put a long piece across the week you will be gone and write above on it “Beach w/ the Girls”.  You can also use it to block out chunks of time on a daily basis.
Borders/Decoration: This is simple but can add so much personality to your planner. Put strips along the margins to add pops of color. The Hustle and Fancy Pants margins are a little narrower so I just cut my strips in half…now my tape will go twice as far;)
Tabs/Bookmarks: If you find that you are flipping back and forth to the same pages over and over again then this a great and inexpensive way to add some functionality to your planner! Make your own tabs using 1-2 inches of tape or fold a piece over a paperclip and use it as a bookmark!
Tape: They don’t call it “tape” for nothing! Do you have an important note you don’t want to lose or a recipe you want to try for dinner on Saturday night?  Tape it to a page in your planner.  You can even tape an inspirational quote or a picture of your fur baby anywhere in the planner.  And the best part about all this is you can pull the tape right back up and even reuse it.  Is there anything this stuff can’t do!?!?
You can also use the tape in conjunctions with your STARTplanner notepads. They are a great way to take notes while in a meeting and then tape it to that day just in case you need to go back to it for reference! 
Pockets: This might be my favorite use for this stuff so far…there are currently no pockets in the Legit planner, so what did I do…I made my own! I took a piece of cardstock and cut it to the size I wanted and tapped it to the inside of the back cover.  Now I have a pocket to hold my Nitty Gritty & Social Butterfly stickers...along with some receipts and stamps. You can make pockets in any of the planners by doing this! 
So how do you like to use your STARTplanner washi tape in your planner?  We would love for you to share with us below!  And always feel free to share your images with us on Facebook or Instagram using #startplanner


  • Kim Pollak

    So Cute!! I love washi tape! I really want to learn how to do the cool writing! hehe

  • Liz Caron

    I love, love, love paper planners! Yours looks really cute with your great graphics and lettering. The washi tape is an interesting idea! It’s not only functional, it’s pretty! Thanks for a wonderful post!!

  • Kristina

    Thank you for sharing! Reading the blog is getting me so excited about receiving my planner. I love your handwriting on many of the pages displayed!

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