7 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Whether you're already an entrepreneur or aspiring to become an entrepreneur, the seven podcasts listed below will help you grow a successful business. Listen to them on the morning commute, on your way to the grocery store, or while at home, whatever works for you. Also take action on what you learn immediately after the podcast. If you're unable to immediately take action, then write it in your planner. This is how you will benefit the most from these top seven entrepreneur podcasts:

1. Young Entrepreneur Lifestyle

In the Young Entrepreneur Lifestyle podcast, millennial entrepreneur Peter Voogd shares practical advice and strategies for becoming a successful entrepreneur. Their goal is to help you build a business and life on your terms. Young Entrepreneur Lifestyle incorporates motivational music in their approach to help make the lessons more powerful.

2. Smart Passive Income

Hosted by Pat Flynn, a successful Internet entrepreneur, the Smart Passive Income podcast teaches you how to build the coveted passive income. Some specific topics he has covered are writing great copy that converts, psychological strategies to increase clickthroughs, and tips on investing. Overall, the podcast consists of weekly interviews and advice on building an online business.

3. School of Greatness

School of Greatness is a podcast that teaches you how to build relationships, become your best self, and live with intention to be successful in business. Lewis Howes, the man behind School of Greatness, was a professional football player who was injured in the field. He turned his life around by building a multi-million dollar online business without prior business experience.

4. Entrepreneur on Fire

The Entrepreneur on Fire podcast interviews successful entrepreneurs on what they learned from their biggest failures and how they turned moments of epiphany into success. Host and founder John Lee Dumas also asks entrepreneurs six quick questions to gain extra information that can help others with their ventures.

5. Eventual Millionaire

Eventual Millionaire is an inspirational podcast for entrepreneurs that features case studies of becoming a millionaire. The podcast explores what it takes to become a millionaire. Its goal is to help others reach the seven figure mark sooner.

6. Beyond the To-Do List

Beyond the To-Do List is an entrepreneur podcast about doing what you're already doing better. The podcast is hosted by Erik Fisher, a speaker, author, and coach on productivity. STARTplanner.com offers several great planners designed to keep you organized and focused on what's important. The episodes on Beyond the To-Do List podcast will help you get more out of using a planner through improving the way you do things.

7. 1 Day Business Breakthrough

1 Day Business Breakthrough is a podcast that helps you think about where to take your business and how to push forward. It is hosted by Pat Flynn and Chris Ducker, two well-known online entrepreneurs. Each episode focuses on an entrepreneur's biggest struggles with their business. Chris Ducker and Pat Flynn provide advice on breaking through the obstacles. You can gain a lot of insight from 1 Day Business Breakthrough.

These seven podcasts are some of the best for entrepreneurs to listen to. They will help you move your business forward, overcome difficult obstacles, boost productivity, and build a successful business. Each of these entrepreneur podcasts are also hosted by people who are already successful entrepreneurs and millionaires. When you want to reach a certain place, the quickest way to get there is to follow the advice of others who are already there.
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