9 Ways to Use Your Grid Dot Bestie

Our Grid Dot Bestie allows you to plan for the future, track the past, and keep organized in the present. This pairs perfectly with any of our STARTplanners! If you don’t feel like taking your whole planner with you everywhere this is the perfect Bestie size to put in your purse or bag wherever you go!! AND… a chance for you to be creative!
There is a something about the process of checking off a habit each day. Keeping a log of my progress really can help improve motivation and ability to complete the habit each day. This can really help see your progress along the way from start to finish. Don’t forget to reward yourself for even the smallest victories!
This can really help transform your entire outlook and mindset on life. There is no wrong way to create and gratitude list/journal.  It can be first thing in the morning with a strong cup of coffee, OR it could be at night as more of a reflective outlook on the day. The most important part of this is to be consistent and write every day! Even the days that seem the hardest, or the days that you feed down or defeated, naturally writing down the good in each day will help lift your spirits.
This list can even go hand in hand with your habit and gratitude journal. Remember this Grid Dot Bestie is YOU, so make it fit for your life! On a daily basis, it is easy to be overwhelmed or distracted by all the things we are not achieving, and this can be exhausting physically, and mentally... SOOOO, let’s focus on the things you DID accomplish! They do not always need to be big grandiose victories. Give yourself ALL the credit. 
Make a list of what you are going to eat each day of the week.  In doing this you can then write out what you need from the grocery store so you can make sure you have everything you need! But, make sure you check your pantry first you will be surprised by what you already have in there! By doing this, you will also have a running list of some of your favorite recipes!
This can be a long ongoing running list of everything that you have on your mind.  This is not a list to make you feel overwhelmed. Getting it down on paper and out of your brain can help you think clearer and in turn be more productive.
This new Grid Dot Bestie can also be something to help you track things related to your health, for example…
Water intake
Weight loss tracker
Exercise Plans
Body measurements
Physical therapy exercises/track progress
Food diary
Headache or symptom tracker
LOVE this idea. Reading/writing down quotes can just be good for your soul! You can look back to see all your inspirational quotes when you might be feeling discouraged.
This is a BIG thing for some people. Mornings can be hard! Putting down how you want your morning to look like a really being intentional and staying consistent with this list can help you be more productive in the mornings, which can help everything run smoother. Also, consider putting down your nightly routine as well, especially if you have kids! We know not everything always happens like we plan but we can try, right?!
Every out and you think to yourself I cant forget the name of this song/book etc…Well use this bestie to keep a running list of books to read, movies to see, concerts to attend, etc.
Remember this is all about YOU and your life! So make it work for you.  We can't wait to hear what awesome ways you all decide to use your Grid Dot Bestie! Share your ideas below!!!

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