A testimonial from an enthusiast: ALEXIA FIELDS

We love hearing stories of how STARTplanner has changed peoples lives. We recently had the pleasure of having "virtual coffee" with one of our biggest supporters from the very beginning (and active member in our private STARTplanner facebook group). She shared her inspiring story with us and we were so proud of her that we wanted to share it with you too... We are proud to introduce Alexia Fields: 

PS. We also want to give a HUGE shout-out and CONGRATULATIONS as she welcomed her third baby (a girl!) into their family this week!! 


Kristy, Jenny and the STARTPlanner Family:

Let me tell you why this company means so much.  I have been with you all from the beginning and it was a random purchase that brought you all into my life.  I found myself at a junction of needing additional organization to help manage and juggle the “life.”  See I find myself in a complicated trifecta of being an Army Civilian; a Reserve Soldier; an Army Spouse—did I mention that on top of that we have two boys age five and three and a baby on the way (due in a matter of weeks).  So when I say that I live and operate in “chaos” (I carry three phones on my person at all times) that would be an understatement—but I LOVE it.  This is exactly where I thrive.  I find that I am my best self—when I am managing the crisis and juggling the multiple balls in the air.  As a Battalion Commander, in the Army Reserve (fancy term for being in charge of people and in the Army for a long time)—I have quickly learned that I cannot do it all myself—this is where I ‘delegate’ and check back on the status of actions or focus my attention and time to matters that require me to action.   That to me is where my STARTPlanner comes in—it is where I get to organize my thoughts and “center” my intentions.  It is where I set the goals; manage my expectations and when I find success—I set new goals and when I find failures or shortcomings I reevaluate, take stock on my failures, and then set new goals or sometimes the same goals.  It is therapeutic to put intentions on paper and then work toward them—clearly, decisively, and with purpose.  It is in this simple planner that I have found a “battle buddy” an “accountability partner” a “cheerleader” and a “friend.” Not it doesn’t replace the “Tribe” in my life but it is assistant—that helps me to manage the schedules; the dinner menu; the shopping list; our budget; my workouts; and water intake---to name a few.  For the 2018 year I will be utilizing the Daily FancyPants line—while in the past I was attached to the Daily Hustle.  I like to see all my days and plan out months in advance—military travel, family vacations, girls-get-aways, the marathon I swore I was going to run (didn’t happen when growing pregancy and a deployed husband changed up the end of 2017) But what do I do for 2018—I adjust, reassess, I have set up my vision board and plan to live with “intention.”  “Intention” is my word and motto for this coming year—for I am determined to my best self; whether that be my Pure Barre, Yoga and Running combinations; planning meals and quiet time ‘to be present’ with the family; growing our family with its newest addition of a boy or girl (it’s our last surprise); traveling for the Army; blocking off ‘time’ for piece of mind. Rest, massages, food, reading and laughter are my go to—I block off time to call those in my “Tribe” because with all the things that life throws at you the relationships that we have ‘Matter.’  So to my STARTPlanner Tribe and this wonderful community—let’s rock this next year.  Here’s to 2018 and all the chaos that lays ahead—with “Wonder Star” (that is my planner’s name—an ode my admiration for all things Wonder Woman), all my “intentions” are possible!!!!!


Love & Smiles

Alexia N. Fields



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