Are You Doing The 21 Day Fix? STARTplanner Can Help You Track Nutrition and Fitness

Beachbody's 21 Day Fix is a lifestyle and fitness plan that takes the guesswork out of portion control and exercise. It is classified as simple fitness combined with simple nutrition to produce fast results. A lot of the guess work is taken out about portion control and you can also learn a lot about meal prepping.

The nutrition portion of 21 Day Fix consists of using the rainbow-colored portion control containers. A booklet is provided for participants to figure out what their calorie bucket is, and that calorie bucket determines how many of each colored container the participants can fill with foods each day.

What Do The Colored Containers Mean For The 21 Day Fix?

  • Purple - fruit
  • Green - vegetables
  • Red - protein
  • Blue - healthy fats
  • Yellow - carbohydrates
  • Orange -- seeds and dressings

    While it is not color coded, a Shakeology shaker cup is also provided for drinks.

    The food does not need to be eaten from these containers. They can be used for reference or measurement, and then, the food can be combined or cooked accordingly.

    The STARTplanner, with the nutrition segment, can be used as a food diary. The number, color, and contents of each food container can be recorded for each meal as a food tracker, but it also can help the participant see what foods she has consumed. At a certain point, if there is a lull or plateau, reviewing the STARTplanner can help the participant add variety or creativity to daily menus. Also, depending on the individual's weight loss goals, the 21 Day Fix tends to be repeated over multiple cycles so that is another example of how careful recording of menus and foods on specific dates in the STARTplanner is helpful reference material since the participant could write notes about how good, bad, satisfying, or unsatisfying specific meal choices are.

    The fitness portion of 21 Day Fix is also relatively straightforward. There are six workouts, thirty minutes each, entitled as follows:
  • Total Body Cardio Fix
  • Upper Fix
  • Lower Fix
  • Pilates Fix
  • Cardio Fix
  • Yoga Fix

    A workout calendar is included to clearly designate on each of the 21 days which workout is to be done. Of course, each workout should be recorded in the corresponding day of your STARTplanner.

    In addition, there are two optional items in the 21 Day Fix program. The 3 Day Quick Fix can be done in the final three days of the program for even better results. A Dirty Thirty workout (wow that's hard!!) provided additional fat-burning exercises. 

As a result, the STARTplanner acts as both to record data on nutrition and exercise and to share thoughts, feelings, or general reflections on a given day. Using it with the 21 Day Fix makes what is marketed as a simple and effective lifestyle program even better because it allows the participant to gain insight from what may have happened on previous days or previous rounds of the program. Finally, all Beachbody programs recommend the participant take specific body measurements on the first and last day of the program. This data should also be recorded in the STARTplanner as a means to evaluate results and overall performance.
STARTplanner-21 Day Fix Nutrition Tracker

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