Artist Hand Paints 2017 Hustle Cover

We wanted something different and original and we knew Hannah Crosby was the person who could make this happen for us! Her creative style meshed with our colors was the perfect vision for the PERFECT piece of artwork. We are so excited to announce that we have converted a piece of her amazing artwork to be the 2017 Hustle Daily cover! It is the perfect splash of color meshed with useful content that will leave you ready to HUSTLE! I mean... it is gorgeous!!! 
We wanted you all to get to know Hannah a little better....

Hannah, tell us a bit about yourself!

I grew up playing basketball, soccer, cheering and painting. I know, it doesn’t really make sense on paper. Basketball is actually how I became friends with Kristy in middle school! I don’t like being bored so I’m always filling my time with activities. I grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta but actually just moved back here after living in Los Angeles with my husband for the last few years. In January I had my first baby, a little boy named Miles, and we decided to move back to Atlanta to be around our families, because they are awesome. I’m an ENFP. I love personality tests. My husband is the funniest person in the world. My favorite color is, and always will be, blue. 


How did you get into becoming an artist? 

Painting is the one thing that I can do to really escape and let loose. I never feel more myself than when I am creating something. When I was in college at SCAD I would give my friends paintings I made for baby showers or birthdays, I would hand make every card and even the wrapping paper... eventually people started offering to pay me to make them something. I never really set out for a career in painting. I just did what I loved and it kind of happened and I am so thankful it worked that way!

What is the inspiration behind the Hustle cover you created?

Abstract Pop art is so in right now. After being in LA for a few years and being inspired by all of the popular fun art and the inspiration that is coming back from the 80’s and 90’s, I incorporated my style and STARTplanner’s colors to make this year’s cover! It’s playful and abstract to compliment the structure of the inside of the planner. My hope is that the free flowing brush strokes and overall feeling of the planner inspires everyone to get hustling, plan away, and don’t forget to be creative! 

What are the 3 things that inspire your artistic creativity?

Nature. I love being outside. Especially with animals!! My husband, because he is one of the most creative people ever. Pinterest (duh.) Especially people who are successful at DIY. 

 Thank you so much, Hannah, for sharing your amazing talent with us! We are over the moon excited about our 2017 Hustle!! To see more of Hannah's work follow her along on Instagram here. Pre-order your 2017 Hustle right here in our shop TOMORROW!!! Get excited!!! 

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