Back to School + Finding Your New Routine

Summer fun means late nights at the pool, BBQ's with friends, road trips, camping, travel, sleeping in and loosening up the reigns on our normal routines. Once the school bell rings and the kids are back in school, it can be difficult to get back into the swing of your normal routine and habits, but getting your family back on schedule as this new school year is starting doesn’t have to lead to stress and conflict! Here are 5 tips for easing back into the school year and into the swing of things. 


Just like developing any new habit, all the small actions add up. So if it feels overwhelming to get right back into meal planning, food prepping, earlier bedtimes and wake-ups, start with the biggest priorities first and add 1-2 things back in each week until you are fully back in the swing of your routine.


Use your planner to lay-out your week on Sunday so that you know what nights you need to plan quick dinners and when you will have pockets of time to allot to self-care and productivity! 


YES, Mama!! Put the kids in charge age-appropriate tasks such as packing their own lunches, laundry and preparing their outfits, you don't need to carry all the weight of #allthethings! Taking some things off your list will not only free you up for less stress, but it will teach your littles valuable organization, prioritization AND give them a sense of ownership!


Packing lunches, organizing backpacks and laying out the next days clothes the night before will reduce stress levels and help the mornings feel a little less frantic before the coffee kicks in (you know what we're talking about moms!) 


That's right! Summer doesn't get to have ALL the fun! schedule time in your planner for outings, game nights and time to reset! Having these times to look forward to will not only help you power through your week, but it will also provide you with some powerful time needed to recharge and keep you going strong for more productivity! 

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