Best Gifts for Wedding Photographers To Give The Bride Before the Wedding

As a photographer, it is always good business to present a bride and groom with some type of gift before their big day. This is a great way to thank them for their business and also helps to keep you in their minds when they are ready to take future pictures. They will also be only too happy to recommend your services to their other friends who may be getting married in the future. Some great gifts to offer to the happy couple could include:

A Discount for Future Bookings
One of the most appreciated gifts a photographer can give his wedding clients is a gift certificate or coupon for future use. The expiration date should be at least a few years from their wedding date to be truly effective. The pictures taken then can be of their first anniversary, their first child, or even a family reunion photo. Whatever the case, this will entice the happy couple to book their wedding photographer for more great pictures of other important milestones.

A Frame for the Main Wedding Photo to be Displayed In
After the large, main photo that will be displayed next to the guest book is developed and ready, choose a beautiful, matted frame for it to go in. Attempt to get an overall picture of the preferences of the happy couple. If they seem to like a modern look, give them a modern, streamlined frame. If they are more traditional, a carved wooden frame would probably be most appropriate.

Tabletop Easels
An array of tabletop easels will allow them to display all types of photos of the two individuals all over the reception area. They can show photos of themselves as small children, teens, and especially pictures of the couple after they met and got to know each other. These easels can then be re-used in their new home.

A Family Photo Album
Another great gift that will just go on giving is a large family photo album. The beginning pictures can be of their courtship and marriage, followed by honeymoon photos, pictures of their new home,and then photos of babies and children as they are added to the family. These are pictures that even you as the photographer can place within the pages. Be sure to have the bride's and groom's names stamped on the outside cover. This will be a favorite conversation piece in their home for many years to come.

Wedding Picture Frames
An assortment of large and small frames will also be appropriate. Again, keep the personal tastes of the happy couple in mind when selecting. For a more personal touch, have the names of the happy couple and the wedding date inscribed onto the new frames. One large wedding frame that holds several smaller photos is also a great gift idea.
Happily Hitched Planner
Wedding Photographers are loving our Happily Hitched Planner as the perfect wedding gift. They help the bride stay organized and sane, so she can walk down the aisle knowing that she knocked this wedding planning out of the park.

These simple gifts do not have to be expensive, but they should reflect the business relationship you have with them. Veer away from inappropriate items or items that are too personal. Being considerate in matters such as this will provide you with ongoing business and great relationships for years. success with planning

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