Crossfit: How Are You Keeping Track Of Your Personal Records?

As you trek through your Crossfit journey, you will want to make sure that you capture the moments that leave you feeling ecstatic and with a sense of achievement. Many fitness enthusiasts, both at the beginner and expert level, fail to record their progression in strength and personal-record totals. Writing down your PR's can lead to a sense of growth, but also give you pertinent information in how you can customize your program in the future in order to achieve the best results. Even elite-level athletes such as Rich Froning, Brooke Ence, Josh Bridges and Brooke Wells monitor their lift totals every time they step foot into their local gym.
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Getting Started

Writing down PR's is the first step you can take in the right direction. As a rule of thumb, always date your journal in order to properly gauge when the event took place in order to give you a broad prospective of your weight totals. Similarly, this will give accurate insight into the linear strength progression that you're gaining in the gym and allow you to set specific goals for yourself in the future. Without these weight metrics, trying to properly asses yourself will become guesswork and cause you to move backwards in your fitness endeavors.

What's more, keeping a comprehensive journal of your routine will also prove valuable on days that you happen to miss the gym. Individuals that remove themselves from the gym for extended periods of time can use earlier log entries as a starting point for when they return. Lowering the weight, even if by a small amount, can help you regain the muscle that was lost and increase your overall strength output.

Why STARTPlanner?

By putting forth the effort to record your Crossfit workout, you give yourself the best chance at success for future targets. Rather you're someone who just joined a gym, or you've been at this game for years, a journal will help you progress faster than ever before.

Combined with this, the STARTPlanner can be used as a means of tracking other areas of your life--professional and otherwise. Are you a budding entrepreneur looking to squeeze every second out of your busy schedule? Perhaps you're a stay-at-home-mom that needs to create schedules for your loved ones for them to live optimal lives? Whatever the case may be, the STARTPlanner journals will allow you to efficiently breeze through your days, and workouts, while putting your best foot forward. The journals come packed with tons of tools that are guaranteed to help you succeed with whatever your day throws at you. A list of these features are as follows:

  • Vacation tracking and optimization.
  • Health records for staying vibrant.
  • Daily scheduling frameworks for time efficiency.
  • Financial charts for recording your expenses.
  • Grocery Lists for healthy shopping choices.
  • Project sections to help organize workflow.

Regardless of what your goals may be, STARTPlanner will act as the catalyst for creating a successful future.

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