Decluttering Your Digital Life

It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day work that we do on our phones or laptops and before you know it, things are a mess! below are a few ideas that you can incorporate daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually to keep yourself organized, save time and keep your computer running at its peak. 


• Close out tabs and running applications

• End of day email check- create to-do list from emails that need action steps from you. 

• Run daily backup to the cloud

• Bookmark anything that you want to circle back to at a later time

• Delete old versions of files as new versions are created


• Empty the trash

• Clear out Downloads folder (delete or file into folders)

• Clean off your desktop  (delete or file into folders)

• Install any new updates for programs/apps/plug-ins

• Delete any unused apps

• Wipe down keyboard & clean screen

• Organize photos  (delete or file into folders)


• Review Bookmarks, clear out any that you no longer need

• Unfollow any accounts on social that no longer serve you

• Unsubscribe from any newsletters that are no longer interesting

• Run a clean-up program (i.e. CleanMyMac)


• Archive any files you no longer access but wish to keep

• Review and update social media profiles

• Clear out email folders


• Review Photos & Order "Year in Review" album

• Have your computer professionally cleaned

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