What's Inside Your Planner?"

“PRIORITIZE” your top three

In each of our planners, we have a “Prioritize” section. This section is for you to be able to look at your day or week and designate/organize your top three things that you need to accomplish.  This section is so important because it helps you see what is a Priority and maybe what can wait until the next day/week! 

Heart = Self Care

Underneath your “Prioritize” section you will see a heart! This represents your own personal “self-care” This is your reminder to take care of yourself! We easily get caught up in the chaos of life and forget to take some “me time”.  This can be for whatever works for your life. Some examples of this could be:


-Work out 

-Take a bath

-Go for a walk

-Read a book

Just don’t forget how important YOU are, you have to take care of you!

My List:

This can be used for ANYTHING you want.  You can customize this for your own life! Here are some examples:

  • Monthly “to-do’s” without a fixed date
  • Bills that need to be paid that month
  • Correspondences to be sent 
  • Appointments to schedule
  • Upcoming events
  • Wish Lists
  • If you are in school, it can be items you need for new year or semester
  • Household chores
  • Accountability check-in’s
  • House “fix it’s/projects

Thought bubble: This is one of our favorite features! Who doesn’t love a good and inspirational quote? Throughout the planner, you will see some quotes we have put in there for you for motivation! For the rest of the days, it is up to you! Put in your favorite saying, quote, piece of scripture or something you are grateful for each day!

Waterdrop: Don't forget to color in each water bubble as you stay hydrated throughout the day! 

Supplements: If you are like me, it's hard to remember if you took your vitamins or medication... check it off and you will never wonder "Did I already do that?"


Dinner plate

This is generally for what dinner/meals you are going to have that day.  Some people write them out all on Sundays so they are ready for the week or day by day works great too! Writing them out ahead of time can also help you easily make your grocery list! Crushing TWO goals at once!! 



Ideas/Thought/genius moments! This is for all your brilliant ideas! This section can be used for many different things, again however and whichever works best for your life!  Other things people have used this section for:


-More room for quotes/scripture

-Ideas you may have (work, school, personal life)

Again, your planner needs to function for YOUR life, no one else’s, so if there is a section that does not apply to you, don't be afraid to re-purpose it to make it work! Thank you to everyone in the STARTplanner community who shared some of the different ways you use your planner! 

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