RECIPE: Dry Aged Ribeye Steak Dinner

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Here is a little visual walk through the process! 

First, you're going to want to start with the ribeye. We have found that to get the best crust on the steak and flavor you want to let it come to room temp.  What we like to do is take the steak out and let it marinate. On a plate put out your ribeyes. Season them heavily with salt. Salt is what really locks those juices in. You will then want to pepper it to your liking. I like pepper so I add a good bit of fresh cracked black pepper. Then we're gonna let those just sit out and come to room temp while we start getting everything else together.




Next, we're going to focus on the potatoes. Preheat your over to 425. 

You're going to want to chop your sweet potatoes into cube pieces. Try to chop them as evenly as possible. This will help to make sure they all get that crisp we all love. Once you chop them all up, get out a baking sheet and put all you evenly chop sweet potatoes on it. Next, you're going to want to oil them up generously. You want to make sure they all are covered with oil. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty! Rub that oil all over them! Once this is done and your oven is preheated go ahead and throw them in! We will season them towards the end! Check on them every 10 mins or so and give them a toss so all sides of your sweet potatoes are cooked fully and to ensure every side gets crispy! Were going to start working on the other stuff at this point but just remember to check on them so they don't burn! Go to the asparagus step now. You will want to do this for about 35 mins or so or until they get to where they are lightly browned. Once they get there take them out and let them sit.

On to the next step!


On a chopping board layout your asparagus. We like to keep the rubber band on just to help with one cut instead of cutting individually or a few at a time. Cut about 2 inches off of the bottoms. I then rinse them off at this point just to make sure there's not any dirt or contaminants on them. Once you get them dried off to get out another baking sheet and lay your asparagus on them. Again like the potatoes make sure you oil them up really well. Then you're going to want to evenly lay them on the pan. Take your peeled garlic cloves and put them into your garlic press. To them one at a time to make sure you get the garlic evenly over the asparagus. Wait until your potatoes are bout 15 mins from being done then throw these in with them.


Now its time for the Steaks! The best part! Use a cast-iron skillet but if you don't have one any frying pan will do. Take your cast iron skillet and add enough oil to it to cover the bottom of the skillet and put it on high heat. You're going to want to make sure the pan is sizzling hot before you put the steaks on. From what I have found is it takes about 3 mins on high heat to get to the right temp. If you're unsure take your steak with a pair of tongs and just put a small portion of the steak in the oil. If it immediately sizzles when you put it on your good to go. If it doesn't then give it another minute. If when you put it on and it sounds like world war 2 then lower your temp a little and wait about 1 minute then try the test again. Then put your steaks on! Add the rest of your garlic cloves, thyme, rosemary, and butter. Let them sit for 3.5 mins and then flip. Make sure not to touch them once you put them on as this is what gives that crust to it. On the flip, you're going to want to get a spoon and take those juices on the bottom and baste it on the top of the steaks. Then let them sit for 3.5 mins on that side. After that take them off and let them rest for about 10 mins. Put some of those juices over the top while resting.


Little red wine while cooking also never hurts! 


Get your mushrooms and onions now. Slice up both the onions and shallots. In a saucepan or another frying pan coat the bottom of the pan with your Avacado oil and put it at medium-high heat. Let the oil get hot before putting the shallots and mushrooms in. Cook them for about 5 mins to get them browned up.


At this point, your potatoes should be crispy and you just need to season with salt, pepper and garlic powder. 
Your asparagus should be ready also!


Now you just need to get out some plates and enjoy!



                                                                                   We hope you love it! 

                                                                                   Kristy and Trevor



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