Fancy Pants Planner Updates & Comparison

Last week we unveiled our 2017 planners and boy was it exciting!!! We can't wait to get these beauties to their new homes!! Last week we also shared some of our 2017 planner updates with you, which you can read more about here. This week we want to shine the spotlight on our new Fancy Pants!!!

Before we update any of our products we send out surveys to our users to get their feedback on ways we can improve our planners to make them more efficient. This is how STARTplanner has been built! Constantly improving every aspect of our planners.  We received an overwhelming response from our users saying they wanted colorful options for the binder... well, ask and you shall receive! 

Introducing our 2017 Fancy Pants Lineup:

Nautical Navy, Ocean Blue, Vintage White, and Pretty In Pink

Y'all, are these not so FANCY!?!?

If you are currently using our Fancy Pants planner you have probably noticed that it is a custom size binding. The paper is A5; however, the binding is A6. Based on our user feedback we have come to realize that an A5 system is desired all around. We created Fancy Pants with the sole desire to provide individuals with a customizable planner, allowing them to make it their own and most effective for their lifestyle.   

So, for 2017 we have updated our Fancy Pants to the standard A5, 6 ring binder. Now, you will be able to customize your planner even more!!  For those of you who already have a binder and don't want to part with it, you can now purchase the 2017 A5 Daily Insert Pages separately. If you have a binder with a different binding system then we have an option for you too! You can purchase our 2017 UNPUNCHED Daily Insert PagesAnd did you know you can take these to your local Staples and they will punch the pages for you for roughly $5... how awesome is that! And just as a reminder, the A5 2017 system inserts won't start until January and they won't be in stock until late November! 

And for all of our Mid-Year Fancy Pants Users, don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you either! In the spring, when it's time to order your 2017-2018 insert pages, you will be able to preorder A6 Inserts for your grey binder if you want to stay with your current system!  As long as you PREORDER your insert pages we can guarantee that you will have the correct A6 inserts punched and ready to rock so that you can continue to use your binder. If you are in need of any more custom inserts packs (i.e. Extra Notes, Direct Sales, Photographer, Teacher) or would like to purchase any of the new insert packs (Business, Coloring, Contact, Weekly) head over here: We took the A6 size off the main store in order to eliminate confusion. Because, if you are like us, who knew that binders had all these different sizes and mechanisms? 

We have also created a video to help answer some questions. This video will show you how Fancy Pants is intended to be used and tips on setting it up.

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions at all!  We are really excited about continuing to develop and change our products based on your feedback!  Keep rocking it out friends and give us a shout if you need anything! 


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